OKCupid Boycotts Firefox Because of Mozilla CEO's Anti-Gay Beliefs

Mozilla Firefox users trying to use popular dating service OKCupid are currently being shown the above message, encouraging them not to use Firefox. The reason? Firefox's new CEO Brendan Eich opposes gay marriage. That's how you play hardball. Read More >>

Fancy a £60 Firefox Phone?

Do we really need another smartphone OS to contend with iOS, Android and Windows Phone? Anyway, for just £60, the ZTE Open Firefox-powered phone might be worth a punt, maybe? Strangely, it's exclusively being sold by ZTE on eBay; that's where phones go to die, right? Read More >>

All Those Open Browser Tabs Really Are Killing Your Laptop's Battery

There's a tonne of info on the web. You're never going to read it all, but you want to, so your browser has fistfuls of open tabs waiting for that rainy day when you'll want to read a two-month-old article that's no longer relevant to anything. But have you ever wondered what all those tabs are doing to your battery life? Wired's Rhett Allain did, so he measured it for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Read More >>

What The Most Popular Web Browser Is From Each Country in the World

The green is Chrome. The blue is Internet Explorer. The orange-ish colour is Firefox. If you can see any red or grey that would be Opera and Safari, respectively. And though I personally believe all browsers have become horrible in their own ways, having Chrome at the top of most country's usage list according to Statcounter is certainly a lot better than the alternatives ruling the world. Good job world. Enjoy the suffering southern tip of Africa and all of China and Greenland. Read More >>

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This is Firefox OS in Action

Firefox OS won't be coming to the UK until 2014, and chances are that its rather budget approach is not for you, dear gadget-obsessed Giz reader. But Firefox OS burst onto the scene yesterday at MWC with announcements of new, upcoming handsets, and a global roll-out plan. It's poised to bring smartphone goodness to the feature-phone masses in a flash of HTML5 glory and this is what it looks like. What do you think? Read More >>

Ouya Might Be Getting Firefox

It's probably fitting that Firefox, the open-source browser, is being tested on Ouya, the open source games console. Although Ouya (when it launches in March to Kickstarter backers) will run Android Jelly Bean and thus the perfectly good Chrome browser, full-on Firefox compatibility would be a boon. Don't hold your breath, though -- Mozilla devs say Firefox is "practically unusable" on the Ouya for now. [TechRadar] Read More >>

These Are the First Official Firefox Phones (But They're Just for Developers)

Mozilla has just announced a pair of Developer Preview Phones that will come sporting its new, in-development Firefox OS. They've got basic specs, since they're just for developers and looks....though one of them is very, very orange. Read More >>

One Day After Launch, Firefox 16 Is Pulled Over Security Risk

One day after Firefox 16 went public, Mozilla has had to pull the software over security fears. If you upgraded, you might want to roll back until it's fixed. Read More >>

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Here's the First Look at Firefox for Windows 8

Just a few weeks ahead of Microsoft's release of Windows 8, Mozilla has pushed the first preview version of Firefox Metro out of the nest. Read More >>

Firefox for Android Gets a Speed Boost, But Still Needs Work

Firefox, the ubiquitous browser for desktops, has been on Android for a while, but well, it was pretty slow. An update that just went live brings it some much needed speed, but there are still some nuts and bolts missing. Read More >>

The Next Release of Firefox Will Look Similar to Chrome

A Mozilla developer working on the next release of Firefox has created a test build of the next-generation browser that anyone can download—and the new styling, known as Australis, features curved tabs which make it look just like Chrome. Read More >>

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Firefox App For Android Is Ready For Beta

Mozilla has updated the Android version of their flagship browser to beta status, complete with a new interface and fresh code that has been baking in the oven for a few months. Read More >>

Firefox 10 Is Now Live

The newest version of Firefox is now available for the PC and Mac. Its newest features include a Forward button that remains hidden until you actually need it, support for full-screen APIs, and better extensions management. [Mozilla via the Verge] Read More >>

Geeks Crown Firefox and Safari as the Best Browsers

Web browser improvements seem to pop out at a pace barely detectable to the human eye, so periodically Tom's Hardware will go through every desktop browser on Windows and OS X with a fine-toothed comb and tell you which one comes out on top. This time around, they like Firefox and Safari. Read More >>

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Android Firefox 9.0 Launches With Custom Tablet Layout

There's a new version of Firefox out today for Android users, which includes Mozilla's long-awaited custom visual theme for those using the browser on a big-screened Android tablet. Read More >>


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