Floating Fireplace Produces No Smoke; Requires No Sorcery

The problem with real fireplaces is they're usually impractically far from a couch to be used for anything other than heat. However, without the need for a chimney, this ethanol powered flame can be dragged wherever your marshmallows need toasting. Read More >>

Watch-Winding Entertainment Centre Is a Monolith Of Excess

This is either the world's most opulent watch-winder, or the most over-accessorised media centre. Either way, the Gigantis is targeted squarely at those who only care about showing off their lavish lifestyle. Read More >>

Heat Your Home This Winter Without Burning it Down

Winter's coming and it's getting cold. Time to dust off the ol' heating unit and get your home all nice and toasty. But before you strike a match or turn a dial, make sure you're doing so safely. Read More >>


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