Toyota Recalls 6.4m Cars Due to... Everything Issues

A huge number of Toyotas are being recalled by the car maker, covering airbag issues, the steering column, windscreen wipers and much more, with 27 different models affected. Totyota says no one's been injured by any of the issues, although two fires may have been triggered by a problem with the engine starter. If you own a Toyota, best let it sleep outside from now on. [BBC] Read More >>

Cigarette-Smoking Bird Starts London House Fire

A mysterious house fire was eventually pinned on a bird by investigators, who decided that the only possible explanation for a roof fire was a bird carrying a partially lit cigarette home for a few relaxing puffs in its nest. The fire brigade believes the bird fell asleep and the cigarette set its sofa and nest alight, taking out the roof of several flats in the process. [LFB via BBC] Read More >>

Snuggle Up To a Cozy Yule Log and the Science of Fire

Those few precious days off you have off over Christmas are best spent taxing your brain as little as possible. But who says you can't learn something even when away from work or school? If you're lacking a fireplace to curl up next to, this wonderful video from AsapSCIENCE will keep you cozy while educating you on the science of how a cracking fire actually works. Read More >>

Authorities Made the Swedish Ice Hotel Install Fire Alarms

You've probably thought about what it would be like to stay in Sweden's Icehotel, or similarly frigid accommodations. But you may have neglected to consider the danger posed by fire in these facilities. How shortsighted of you. Read More >>

Fearless Warrior Goldfish Survives 21 Months in Abandoned House Fire Pond

Builders refurbishing a house that burnt down in December of 2011 found a cheery little goldfish in the garden pond, which had somehow managed to miraculously survive for 21 months all alone beneath a stack of debris with no light. Read More >>

Tube Passengers Terrified by Smoke Try to Break Their Way Out of Stricken Train

A horrifying video shows the moment London Underground passengers tried to force the doors open on a tube train, as the smell of smoke filled the carriages and a wave of panicked claustrophobia hit the people packed inside. Read More >>

A Fire-Starting Pen, For When Your Words Aren't Inflammatory Enough

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but neither of those implements are really that effective when it comes to starting a campfire. So if survival and copious note-taking are high on your list when it comes to choosing office supplies, consider this tactical pen that hides a fire striker inside. Read More >>

Firefighters Can Take Smart-Pills That Report Back Important Data About Their Guts

Firefighters run into flaming buildings for a living, It's not exactly what you might call a safe job. And while they can tell generally how they're doing by noting whether or not they are on fire at any given time, there's a lot more nuance to keeping track of other aspects of their health. That's where data delivery pills come in. Read More >>

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Lucky Timelapse Catches Montreal In Flames

A timelapse of a city skyline can be stunning in its own right, but every now and then, something crazy will happen out of the blue. It's just that kind of event that photographer Evan Kitaljevich was able to capture while filming his first ever timelapse of Montreal. Ktaljevich just happened to have his camera pointed in the right direction when a three-alarm fire broke out on Thursday. The result is fantastic, if a bit unfortunate to watch. [Reddit via PetaPixel] Read More >>

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The Most Intense Firefighter Helmet Camera Videos

Helmet cameras have a tendency to capture inherently cool stuff. You're probably wearing the helmet for a reason, after all. But firefighter helmet cams are especially incredible because they aren't just some staged event, but a real situation with real people putting themselves in actual danger. Read More >>


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