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Kayaking Fisherman Hooks Hammerhead Shark and Gets Towed for 12 Miles

Adam Fisk hooked an three-metre long hammerhead shark near the coast line and ended being towed for 12 miles, which were covered in about two hours. According to Fisk, the shark ate a 2.2-kilo bonito from his kayak. Another hammerhead was following him too. Read More >>

Privacy of Fish Living in 7,200m Pacific Trench Violated by Scientists

A group of scientists have sent their probing vehicles to the bottom of the New Hebrides Trench, a literal hole in the Pacific some 7,200m deep. Their findings suggest each deep ocean trench may have a different ecological make-up, and there's no stock set of deep-living creatures that inhabit every deep sea hole. Read More >>

This Floating Sonar Pod Turns Your Smartphone into a Fish Finder

If fishing for you is more about pulling the most catches out of a lake—instead of simply using your wits to outsmart nature—then the more gear the better. And while fish finders have been around for decades, the FishHunter is the first to turn your smartphone into a window to what lies below the water's surface. Read More >>

This Machine Perfectly Fillets and De-Bones Fish with X-Rays and Water

Machines that can accurately and efficiently fillet a fish have been used for years to speed up processing plants—though only with farmed fish that are all the same size and weight. Fish caught in the wild usually have to be processed by hand given the variaton in size, but a new machine that employs x-ray vision and precise water jets can finally automate the filleting process. Read More >>

Japan's Launching a Giant Net Into Orbit to Scoop Up Space Junk

Something must be done to deal with the estimated 100 million bits of man made space junk circling the planet, and Japan is taking the lead. But can we do? Shoot it with a laser? Invent Wall-E-like robots to collect it? Nah… let's just blast a big net into space. Read More >>

Bonk the Day Away With a Floating, 4-in-1 Fisherman's Best Friend

For the fisherman with space constraints, cramming every little piece of gear you'll need into one little tackle box can be just as frustrating as it is disorganized. Fortunately—at least for the smaller bits—the Kombo Fish Tool will keep you from fumbling around by wrapping four serious fishing necessities into one handy package. Read More >>

British Fishy Escape Hole Wins £10k Dyson Award

The very clever SafetyNet idea, which lets little fishies escape from the menace of modern trawler nets, has won the global Dyson Award. Its inventor, who scooped the UK prize earlier this year, wins a further £10k to put toward prototypes and testing of his illuminated fish exit. Read More >>

Help Save the Fish With the UK James Dyson Award Winner

The James Dyson Award is a brilliant step forward for innovation and design, and we at Giz UK could not be more proud of the sheer quality brought forward in the UK entries. SafetyNet, the winner of the UK leg, was designed by Dan Watson, a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, and is a fantastic design that also factors in the environment and sustainability of trawler fishing. Read More >>

Fly Fishing Snowboard Bridges Summer and Winter Pursuits

Those who like to stay active all year long probably have a basement filled with gear that can only be used during certain parts of the year. So the folks at Signal Snowboards decided to build something that could be enjoyed whether it was balmy or snowy outside with this versatile fly fishing snowboard. Read More >>

Teen Takes Spear to the Face and Survives

Teenagers should NOT be given guns or spears to play with, let alone spear guns. Sixteen-year-old Yasser Lopez went spear gun fishing with his buddy in a Miami lake and got speared right through the brain. Details are hazy on whether he shot himself or his mate mistook him for a giant salmon, but either way, the gun went off and turned Yasser into a human kebab. Read More >>

You Will Not Believe What This Huge Mural Is Actually Made of

This isn't just a black and white painting of calm seas—it's actually not a painting at all. This mixed media mural is composed of half a million fish hooks. Read More >>

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How to Disembowel 30 Salmon in Under a Minute

The world consumes more than 2 million metric tons of Salmon annually—both farmed and wild. That's a lot of lox. And to get that much fish to market in a timely manner, one can't gut them by hand. That's why there's the Gutmaster8000. Read More >>

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The World's Largest Floating Fish Factory Freezes 547,000 tons of Mackerel a Year

Wild fish stocks around the world are crashing, in part due to over-fishing. Now, I'm not saying the Lafayette fish processing ship is the sole cause of the problem, but the 1,500 tons of fish it freezes and ships a day probably isn't helping the situation. Read More >>


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