Fitbit is Recalling All Force Wristbands

Fitbit announced today that it will recall its new Force model, after users complained of rashes while wearing it. Fitbit CEO James Park says the recall is motivated by "an abundance of caution". Read More >>

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Fitbit Force Review: A Health Tracker You'd Actually Keep Wearing

Last year's Fitbit One had a great design, solid accuracy for steps and floors climbed, and a nice screen. The only problem was that it was so easy to accidentally leave in a pair of trews. To combat this, the company created the Fitbit Flex, its follow-up wrist-worn product to the Flex. Unfortunately, while aping Nike's Fuelband, Fitbit threw out everything that made the One so great. Read More >>

Report: The Next Fitbit Will Also Be a Watch

The Verge has obtained some purported information on the next Fitbit fitness tracker. The follow-up to the Flex supposedly called the Force will apparently work as an actual watch this time around. Read More >>

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Fitbit Flex Review: Peer Pressure Sucks

Fitbit's One is arguably one of the best activity trackers available today and, yet, less than seven months since it hit the street, Fitbit has decided that a stripped down version worn on the wrist is something the market's been clamoring for. Back in '77, Bert Lance first uttered the immortal phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." There's a reason we still say it today. Read More >>

Fitbit Flex Hands On: The King's Reign Might Be Over

We just got a few minutes with Fitbit's new Flex activity tracker. From the look of it, it's basically just reengineered the One, made it smaller, taken out the altimeter and shoved it into a wristband. Double tap the band and a stream of five tiny LEDs notify you of how many goals you've reached for the day. So if you've only hit two of your five goals, then only two LEDs will light up. The band itself seems a bit chintzy but is infinitely adjustable for any size wrist. Read More >>

Fitbit Goes for the Wrist

We liked the Fitbit One activity tracker, but there was some convenience lacking. While its pebble-like form-factor was very discreet, it meant you always had to take it out and put it in a special arm band if you wanted to monitor your sleep, then return it to your jeans in the morning. And which jeans did you forget them in this time? Read More >>

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Lean, Mean Gifts for the Fitness Zealot

Got someone in your life who's addicted to exercise? Someone who proselytizes the active lifestyle? There are so many fitness-related items out there it's hard to separate the muscular wheat from the sweaty chaff. But we've selected a few of our favourite items you could get your fit friend, if you can catch them. Read More >>

Fitbit One Review: A Great Way to Monitor Your Wretched Laziness

Last month we reviewed the Fitbit Zip, which was basically a glorified pedometer. The Fitbit One is the Zip's big brother, and successor to the very popular Ultra line. Is the feature-filled gadget worth £80? Read More >>

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Fitbit Zip Review: The Tiny Anti-Flab Motivator

I've been walking around with a Fitbit Zip in my pocket for the last week, most of the time forgetting it's there. Then remembering, looking, and realising how lazy I've been. Is this activity-monitoring gadget the kind of thing that can get you into shape, or is it just more junk in your jeans? Read More >>

Fitbit's New, Cheap, Anti-Lazy Gadgets Are Adorable

Remember Fitbit, makers of tiny activity-tracking gadgets for health and fitness? Well, the 2012 models are here and they're smaller, cheaper, and better than their last thingies. After all, fitness-tracking shouldn't be limited to big-pocketed rich people, right? Read More >>

Nike's Fuelband Is a Nike+ Wristband for Your Entire Life

Nike+ was a super sweet tool for runners to keep track of their workouts. But what about the rest of your life? What if Nike+ could keep track of that? That's what the brand new Nike+ Fuelband, an evolution of Nike+ in a simple Livestrong-styled wristband, tries to do. Read More >>

Fitbit's New WiFi Scale Looks Awesomely Familiar

Fitbit is showing off a new WiFi scale that tracks your weight and sends it to a database. Oh, hey, Withings much? Sure. But it's a concept whose time has come, and this looks like a well-done version. Read More >>


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