A Flash Drive Watch That Always Knows the Time and Available Storage

Even with wireless networks and cloud storage services like Dropbox, there's still a place in this day and age for manually sharing files on a flash drive. And to ensure you've always got one on hand for an emergency file transfer, the silicone Verb watch features four gigs of storage built into a simple but stylish timepiece. Read More >>

LaCie's Culbuto Flash Drive Wobbles But it Won't Ever Fall Down

How often do you remove a USB flash drive from your computer, place it somewhere on your desk, and then have it instantly disappear? Too often. It's one of those bizarre mysteries of life—like socks going missing in the dryer—that LaCie may have just eradicated with its bulbous new Culbuto flash drive. Read More >>

Kingston Squeezed 64GB Onto This Tiny Android-Friendly Flash Drive

Is this tiny flash drive from Kingston with a standard USB jack on end and a smartphone-friendly microUSB jack on the other the first of its kind? Absolutely not. Is it the smallest we've seen to date? Most definitely. When connected to your smartphone—boosting your mobile device's storage by up to 64GB—it's small enough to forget about. Read More >>

The First USB 3.0 Flash Drive That's Small Enough To Lose

It was inevitable that USB 3 flash drives would eventually catch up to their USB 2 predecessors in terms of shedding excess weight, but it's still nice to see I-O Data introducing what could be the smallest USB 3 flash drive now on the market. Read More >>

Intel's Prototype Thunderbolt Flash Drive Is the World's Fastest

You can officially stop bragging about how fast your fancy new USB 3.0 flash drive is. At the Computex show in Taipei, Intel was showing off this hacked-together prototype of a dedicated Thunderbolt 128GB flash drive boasting data transfer speeds of 10 Gbit/s, or about twice as fast as USB 3.0's max. And now that Thunderbolt 2 has been introduced, waiting around for large files to copy to your flash drive could be a thing of the past. Read More >>

If This Iron Man Flash Drive Can't Protect Your Files, What Will?

If Tony Stark's fancy suit is good enough for taking down baddies like the Mandarin, surely at least part of his getup must be an effective way to secure your digital paraphernalia? Available in eight and sixteen gig capacities, these Iron Man severed hand flash drives include posable fingers, a glowing repulser in the palm, and they come in left and right hand versions forcing you to get both to complete the set. Read More >>

Nothing In Your Pocket Will Damage This Spinning Flash Drive

Flash drives are so cheap and ubiquitous that you probably have them stashed everywhere, even on your keychain. And to ensure that all the jostling against your keys, coins, and whatever else is in your pockets doesn't kill the drive, SanDisk has equipped its latest Cruzer with a spinning shield.
Available in capacities from four to thirty-two gigs, the durable Orbit drives top out at around £25 so they're not terribly expensive. It probably means they're not terribly fast either, but survival is the name of the game here, slow and steady. The Cruzer Orbit also comes packed with a host of encryption software that you'll probably immediately obliterate during a format, but it's nice to know it's there. [SanDisk via 7Gadgets] Read More >>

Kingston's HyperX Predator Flash Drive Is the Easiest Way To Misplace a Terabyte Of Data

Last year at CES Victorinox surprised everyone with a one terabyte flash drive that the company estimated would sell for almost £2,000. It sounded too good to be true, and given there's been no sign of it since last January, it apparently was. So can Kingston fill the void left in our hearts with its new HyperX Predator one terabyte USB 3 flash drive? Let's hope so. Read More >>

A USB Flash Drive That Might Be More Beautiful Than Your Precious MacBook

Are you head over heels in love with your MacBook? (Fanboy! (Just like me!)) Then why spoil its design with some jacked-up USB tumour? This sleek flash drive is the perfect complement to your beloved Apple hardware, even going so far as to match its silvery finish. Read More >>

Wireless Card Reader Lets You Share Your Shots Without Stupid Cables

Wireless devices are usually far more convenient than their tethered alternative. But in this case losing the USB cable has made the REX-WIFISD1 SD/SDHX/SDXC and flash drive reader a bit on the bulky side. So what do you really gain for it being wireless? The ability to access it from any mobile device. Read More >>

This Tiny Flash Drive Broadcasts Its Contents Over Wi-Fi

Besides greater capacities, faster transfer speeds, and novel designs, there hasn't been much recent innovation with USB flash drives. Which is why the Paketta from King Jim is such a welcome break. With built-in Wi-Fi B, G, N hardware it can wirelessly broadcast its contents to PCs and mobile devices. Read More >>

This Meteorite Flash Drive is Out of This World

Chances are you've got tonnes of flash drives just laying around. More than you really need. But are any of them made with real, certified meteriote? The Zana Design "Apophis" drive could fill that hole in your collection, for a price. Read More >>

Tiny Toaster USB Hub Is So Adorable You'll Want To Vomit

There's seemingly an infinite supply of novelty USB flash drives and hubs for consumers to waste their money on, but none come close to the gag-inducing adorableness of this tiny toaster hub and accompanying anthropomorphised slices of toast. Read More >>

Sorry, This 28 Port USB Hub Still Doesn't Have Enough

If you look across your desk at the pile of charging cables, docks, flash drives, and other USB-powered accessories, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that you can never have too many USB ports. Even the MondoHub's impressive array of 28 ports will slowly, but surely, all get filled. Read More >>

The Real Reason the Avengers Assembled Was To Help Back Up Your Files

In The Avengers movie, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a hell of a time assembling the superheroes to battle an alien army attacking the planet. But convincing them would have been far easier for Nick Fury had they all known that joining forces would have spawned these awesome flash drives. Read More >>

Awww, This Adorable Little Flash Drive Thinks It's a Hard Drive

Like a high-tech version of Boo, this heartwarming little 8GB flash drive hard drive is an adorable miniature version of the real thing. Except that instead of taking the internet by storm, it's content to just store your PowerPoint presentations. Read More >>


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