Flappy Bird Re-imagined as Even Harder Abstract 'Em Up Maverick Bird

It's happening. Flappy Bird is turning into a genre all of its own. Today sees the release of Maverick Bird, a literally rock-solid take on the nascent flap genre built by VVVVVV and Super Hexagon one-man indie dev army Terry Cavanagh. It's worth persevering with for the music -- stonking chiptune rock/rave/acid in Super Hexagon style from Kozilek. [Maverick Bird] Read More >>

Freezing a Fighter Jet in Mid-Air with 30,000 Watts of Flash

It can be hard to take a good picture of something moving relatively fast, but it's really hard to take a good picture of a jet moving at 650-ish KPH through the sky. Yuri Acurs, stock photographer extraordinaire, tried to tackle that challenge with excess—in the form of 30,000W of flash. Read More >>

Android 4.3 Is Rolling Out to the UK and Should Speed Up Your Old Nexus

While on the face of it Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is a bit of a minor update, what with it just adding a bit of profile and Bluetooth magic, as well as Open GLES 3.0. But it seems Google's enabled TRIM support in the update for its Nexus line of phones and tablets, which means your Nexus should get a welcome speed boost right about now. Read More >>

That Lozenge-Shaped Flash Rears Its Ugly iPhone 5S Head Again

Having supposedly already seen its guts, its screen, its back and its battery, here's another photo apparently confirming the new capsule-shaped flash on the iPhone 5S. China just can't help spreading rumours. Read More >>

The Mixed Blessings of HTML5

The last few years have seen some huge developments in the world of online technologies. Flash is a dying platform, abandoned now by Android and relegated to a selection of whitelisted sites by the modern version of IE10, and HTML5 is becoming the norm for rich interactivity. This must be a boon for developers of web-based resources, right? Wrong. Read More >>

This Super-High Density Flash Storage Will Cram More Storage Into Your SSD

Samsung has been trying to squeeze as much storage as it can into its latest flash chips, and it's done a good job: these 128-gigabit chunks of silicon are, apparently, the industry's highest density memory storage available. Read More >>

monster machines
Russian Heavy Flame Thrower Systems: As If Tanks Weren't Badass Enough on Their Own

For as cool as hurling columns of fire at your enemies is, "flamethrower guy" was one of the most dangerous jobs in the military — one stray bullet and the big canister of napalm strapped to you goes ka-boom and you along with it. So what better way to safely spread thermobaric mayhem than by incorporating your flamethrower into a T-72 Battle Tank? Read More >>

lightning review
Kingston HyperX Predator Review: 512GB of Flashdrive In Your Not-Even-Bulging Pocket

Flashdrives are a dime a dozen these days, hell, you can even get them in cereal boxes. But what if you needed to store something really, really big, and probably confidential on an easy-to-lose stick? Kingston's got you covered with its ludicrously expensive 512GB HyperX Predator USB 3.0 flashdrive. Just imagine how many nuclear codes, confidential files, and how much, errr, porn you could lose on this thing. WikiLeaks eat your heart out. Read More >>

The Latest Tokyo Flash Watch Hides the Time in a Maze

Tokyo Flash is the go-to watch brand for people who don't care what time it is. Here's its latest creation, which hides the time in the negative space of a maze. Read More >>

windows 8
IE10 Metro Won't Run Flash Unless Your Site Is on a Microsoft Whitelist

Yeah, you read that right. I just received an interesting email from Brightcove (the video delivery guys) about issues with their Flash based solution and Windows 8 running the new Internet Explorer 10. Read More >>

Samsung Now Building 128GB Flash Memory Chips For Next Year's Superphones

There might just be a 128GB memory option when it comes to upgrading to the Galaxy S4 next year or the S5 the year after, thanks to Samsung now mass producing 128GB memory chips for use in mobile devices. Read More >>

Apple Dumps Samsung Chips From the iPhone 5

Well, that didn't take long. Even though Apple's technically in a war with Samsung Mobile, not Samsung Semiconductor (the arm that produces chips and RAM), it's obvious there's no love lost between the two. Now Apple's cut its Samsung dependence, reportedly slashing memory orders and dropping Samsung flash chips from the first iPhone 5 batches entirely. Read More >>

Adobe Backtracks And Reinstates Flash to Google Play Because Strategic Partners Said So

Last we heard, Adobe was pulling the plug on Flash for Android by taking the player application out of Google Play, but after a bit of pressure from British "strategic partners", Adobe has done a quick 180 and popped it back in the UK store. For how much longer, is the next question, as Adobe has said that the plug-in would be removed "soon". Read More >>

What Do You Use Flash For on Your Android Phone?

Today is the last day that Flash will be supported on Android in any sort of official capacity. Once seen as a killer feature for mobile devices, HTML5 has all but decimated the web standard on portables and is making Flash increasingly irrelevant in the PC space. Read More >>

Adobe Flash Sailing Away From Google Play Today

Today marks the end of the road for the Flash Player app on Google Play, as Adobe yank out the app from the store, with further updates only coming to those who already have it downloaded and installed on their device. Read More >>

Spintronic Breakthrough Promises Better Flash Memory

Scientists have long spoken about the possibility of using the natural spin of electrons as digital storage—but it's never been a reality because of the transient nature of the effect. Now, though, IBM researchers have found a way to keep the effect alive long enough for it to actually be useful. Read More >>


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