Lumens and Lux: Light Words Explained in a Single Image

If you've ever tried to compare flashlights or lighting of any kind, you've probably been confronted with a bunch of confusing terms like lumen and lux that are supposed to describe how powerful a light is. Well here they are explained in a single image. Read More >>

A Fifteen-Year-Old Has Invented an Incredible New Kind of Torch

Are you ready to play everybody's not-so-favourite guilt game: what was I doing at that age? Ann Makosinski, a fifteen-year-old from Victoria, British Columbia, has created a simple LED flashlight powered by body heat. So instead of having to recharge it or swap in a fresh pair of AAs every so often, you literally just need to hold it in your hand for it to start glowing. Read More >>

Making Your Laser a Torch Is the Worst Way to Make It Useful

Wicked Lasers has made a name for itself by building incredibly powerful handheld lasers that it's still legally able to sell to the public. At the top of the heap is the Wicked Lasers Arctic which blasts forth a full watt of focused blue light. But when you tire of getting in trouble with the police, you can now easily convert it into a bright white torch. Read More >>

Carry a Tiny Supernova In Your Pocket With the Ultra-Bright LED Lenser F1

You might think all flashlights are created equal, but don't tell that to a flashaholic. There are large online communities of flashlight aficionados who take their illumination very seriously, and there's a good chance even they'll be impressed by LED Lenser's new F1, which manages to squeeze a whopping 400 lumens from a single CR123 battery. Read More >>

Flashlight Revolver Guns Down Things That Go Bump In the Night

Presumably invented to deal with monsters like the Bogeyman before modern science proved they didn't exist, this functional flashlight includes a .22 caliber seven-shot revolver on the business end. Perfect for peering under a dark bed and dealing with whatever's hiding under there. Read More >>

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Flashlight Bazooka Blasts Your Target With Blinding Light

Realising that lots of people pretend they're holding a deadly weapon when wielding a flashlight, the makers of the Dogstar designed it to look like a handheld cannon straight out of a sci-fi epic. The beam is even turned on using a trigger instead of a button, so you can pretend those harmless photons it emits are a deadly spray of ammunition. Read More >>

Clip These Adorable LED Cubes Anywhere the Sun Don't Shine

There's no shortage of compact stick-on, clip-on, magnetic LED lights out there. And if you want your product to stand out, you better focus on features or design. So Osram has concentrated on the latter with its lovely Cuby light and its flexible clip. Read More >>

Simple Paper Flashlight Folds As Flat As a Bookmark

LEDs are not only incredibly energy-efficient, but they're also small enough to be squeezed into the tiniest of gadgets. Or in the case of the Lite Lite, a simple piece of paper that folds into a working flashlight. Read More >>

Sleeping Bag With a Built-In Headlight Will Make Midnight Bathroom Hunts a Lot Easier

Sure, the lack of streetlights and glow of the city makes stargazing spectacular in the great outdoors. But it also makes finding the bathroom a real challenge when you wake up in the middle of the night inside a completely dark tent. Read More >>

Illuminated Pocket Knife Lets You Stab Your Way Out Of a Dark Room

It might not be as revolutionary as Tim Cook's toaster-fridge concept, but SOG might have come up with a handy bit of synergy with its new Blade Light that incorporates a set of six bright LEDs into a folding knife. Read More >>

Vintage Swiss Army Torches Look As Good As the Day They Were Never Used

It's dim, it gets hot, and it will probably chew through batteries faster than an electric car. But damned if this vintage Swiss Army torch dating back to the '50s and '60s isn't a lovely piece of hardware. Read More >>

This 15,000 Lumens LED Light Cannon Will Turn Night to Day

You can forget about hanging it from your belt, because this miniature sun — masquerading as a flashlight — is heavy enough to need two hands to operate. And with 15,000 lumens, the XM18 is bright enough to illuminate a small planet. Read More >>

Self-Adjusting Headlamp Knows If You Want To See Near Or Far

When you're trekking through the great outdoors in the middle of the night, you need your hands free for reading maps, clearing obstacles, and fighting off bears. So Petzl's new Nao headlamp makes all the brightness and focus adjustments for you. Read More >>

Portal Inspired LED Flashlights Are Better Than Cake

Had I been subjected to the same nightmarish labyrinth featured in the Portal games, I would have preferred a more substantial reward than cake at the end anyway. Like these adorable light and sound keychains. Read More >>

Behold the World's Largest Flashlight

Remember the bright as hell, flashlight royalty X21? Well now there's a version that's 13 feet tall, weighs 176 pounds, and shoots out a mind (and eye) blowing 100,000 lumens. And it just set a Guinness World Record. Read More >>


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