How Flickr's New Head Plans to Rebuild a Photo Brand Fallen From Grace

In its quest to rebuild Flickr into the premier photo service it once was, Yahoo has swiped Google's ex-global director of product marketing, Bernardo Hernandez, and given him the ultimate task — taking down Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of other services so Flickr can reign supreme. Read More >>

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This Small Hack Lets You Upload Whatever You Want to Flickr's 1TB of Free Storage

Flickr's massive redesign brought with it oodles of storage. 1TB of what is effectively free cloud storage space with this little hack, which allows you to upload any file type, not just images. Read More >>

New Flickr Walkthrough: So Pretty, So Much, So Free

After languishing for years as a neglected acquisition, Flickr has finally been given the jumpstart it so desperately needed and deserved. As of right now, not only to you get a free terabyte of storage and extremely high-res photo uploads, you get it in pretty stellar package. Here's what you're dealing with. Read More >>

Flickr's Massive Redesign: Full-Res Photos, and a Terabyte of Free Storage

It's a Yahoo news bonanza today. Just after the company this morning announced its $1.1 billion dollar acquisition of Tumblr, it showed off a completely redesigned version of Flickr. Read More >>

Flashback: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

In the wake of Yahoo's $1.1 billion acquisition of beloved social platform Tumblr, it's perhaps worth looking back what the company did after it caught—and gutted—another big fish. Read More >>

Yahoo Just Made the Most Beautiful Weather App

It might be the changing of the seasons and the yearning for warmer days and longer nights but why is it that we always end up talking about the weather? For most of us, it dictates a lot of our day. Aren't you constantly checking the weather on your phone or is it just me? Read More >>

North Korea's Twitter and Flickr Accounts Have Been Hacked

A team of hackers appears to have broken into North Korea's official, government-run Twitter and Flickr accounts. Evidence left on the sites suggests that the hacks on the social media accounts were carried out by Anonymous activists. Read More >>

Everpix's Image Analysis Will Find All of Your Cat Photos Automatically (Eventually)

Everpix is an online photo storage system that's trying very hard to be the Flickr that everybody wants. Its latest crack is at this is an "Explore" feature, which uses image analysis to sort all of the photos in your collection into content categories like, "animals", "city", and "nature". It works, and it'll only get smarter over time. Read More >>

Yahoo Tries to Use Its Bitch Flickr to Take on Google Images

No one who's actually found how to change default search provider in Internet Explorer actually uses Yahoo search, but now the Google competitor is trying to win our hearts bunging Flickr Creative Commons photos into its image search. I'm sorry Yahoo, but I don't think that's going to do it for me. Chocolates and flowers traditionally work better for wooing people back [Yahoo] Read More >>

Flickr is Going Free for Three Months to Entice the Instagram Deserters

Marissa Mayer and the folks at Yahoo! have a nice little gift for you this holiday season: free Pro Flickr for three months for any and all users, old and new. Surely this is just all in the spirit of holiday cheer and has nothing to do with cleverly making use of another image-sharing service's TOS debacle, right? Right?! Read More >>

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Flickr: A Photo App That's Far Past Fashionably Late

Yahoo must be making at least a small effort to resurrect Flickr. Today it finally, finally gave birth to an updated Flickr iPhone app. If only it weren't three years overdue. Read More >>

Flickr's New Chief Is Actually a Legit Photographer (Thank God)

Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer is in the process of trying to rescue the ailing company, which means lots of hires and fires and business blah blah nobody cares about. But buried within the recent news from the company is a little tidbit that'll be interesting to anyone who'd like to see Flickr get a kick in the pants. Read More >>

How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

Web startups are made out of two things: people and code. The people make the code, and the code makes the people rich. Code is like a poem; it has to follow certain structural requirements, and yet out of that structure can come art. But code is art that does something. It is the assembly of something brand new from nothing but an idea. Read More >>

Flickr's Getting a Facelift on February 28th

Flickr has been bleeding users like a hemophiliac since around the time Google+ launched and Yahoo's finally doing something about it. Flickr senior product lead Markus Spiering has hinted that big changes are in store for the photo-sharing site come month's end. Read More >>

Why You'll Soon Be Using a Wonderful Little Service Called Pinwheel to Discover the World

"We're doing things a little bit differently," Heather Champ told me. Read More >>


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