I'm Sad That No Kid Will Ever Know What This Coffee Table Really Is

Can you imagine the conversation you would have with a child, hell, a tween, about this coffee table? "You see, son. Before the cloud and usb sticks. Before hard drives and iPhones and Androids. Before the iPod and even before the CD player, there was something called the floppy disk. And it stored 1.44MB. Yeah, I know. You sext bigger files than that. But the thing is, people actually used the floppy disk like we use flash drives today!" Read More >>

10 Upcycled Gadgets for Those Who Just Can't Say Goodbye

For most of us, not even a crippled global economy can temper our insatiable thirst for new technology. The noughties school of consumerism dictates that products older than 18 months are automatically obsolete and destined for nothing more than eBay or the landfill. Why not buck the trend and take a nosy at this collection of 10 upcycled gadgets, mercifully snapped from the icy grip of the grim reaper, and reimagined as new products entirely. Read More >>


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