Tissue Stockpiles to Become Obsolete as Cure for Common Cold Draws Closer

It's the question that's puzzled pharmaceutical companies for an age: Is it possible to cure the common cold? Well, maybe now, yes -- British scientists have developed a new drug that could massively decrease the virility of the virus. Read More >>

Scientists Create a Blueprint For the First Universal Flu Vaccine

A team of British scientists just took a major stride forward in the quest to develop a universal flu vaccine. Using data gathered after the 2009 swine flu outbreak, the team from the Imperial College London have a game plan to develop a vaccine that stands to save as many as half a million lives every year. Read More >>

Chinese Researchers Create Potentially Deadly Strain of Avian Flu

A team of Chinese researchers have deliberately created deadly new strains of influenza in a veterinary laboratory — and are now on the receiving end of severe criticism from across the wider scientific community. Read More >>

Can Drinking Cure Your Cold?

There's a lot of nasty, virulent bugs going around this year. Colds and flus are putting people out of commission for weeks on end. This means that by now one of your friends has told you to drink some whiskey because that'll knock the cold right out. Read More >>

Scientists Restart Work on Deadly Engineered Avian Flu

In January 2012 scientists around the world halted research on engineered avian flu viruses over concerns that the work was too dangerous. Now, those scientists are taking to labs once more to continue their work. Read More >>

Crystal Meth Could Stave Off the Flu

As winter draws in, the threat of flu looms large. But getting a preventative shot might not be the best line of defence any more — because new research suggests a small dose of crystal meth might be effective, too. Read More >>

How Twitter Can Predict When Individuals Will Get Sick

If you've been walking around a public place lately, you've come into contact with a lot of people. Some of those people may have been sick. And if you've been hanging around enough of them as they cough and sneeze, then you might be about to get sick too. Read More >>

Plastic Shopping Bags Can Give You the Flu

The plastic sacks you get at the supermarket are great for carrying your lunch, but they're also good for transmitting the stomach flu virus. Read More >>

Revealed! Every Evil Atom of the H1N1 Flu Virus

The H1N1 flu pandemic killed 17,000 people across the globe between 2009 and 2010. Pretty terrifying. To prevent that from ever happening again, scientists have created a super-detailed computer model of the killer virus. Read More >>

Scientist Create the Definitive Flu Killer

University of Texas Southwestern's scientists have created a new flu vaccine that can protect us against any kind of flu, not just one type. Unlike the current type of vaccines, this can even protect us if the virus mutates. Read More >>


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