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This Is What the Jubilee Looked Like From a Lancaster Bomber

Thanks to the Queen we got two extra days off this weekend, and many of us braved the rain to go wave a flag somewhere. One of the most impressive parts of the celebrations was the Battle of Britain Buckingham Palace flyby, which included this awesome Lancaster Bomber. Read More >>

Watch This Crazy Hercules Airplane Flying Just Five Metres Above the Ground

Crazy jet fighter pilots: CHECK! Crazy bomber pilots: CHECK! Crazy military transport pilots: Watch this crazy pilot fly this Swedish Air Force' Hercules C-130 as low as five feet just over the head of his colleagues. Read More >>

B-52 Low Pass Flyby Is Even Crazier Than You Thought

Remember that insane low pass flyby for that B-52 Stratofortress next to the carrier USS Ranger. Gizmodo Reader and retired US Air Force master sergeant has sent us the look from the ship. It's pretty bloody stunning: Read More >>

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Is This Insane Low Pass Flyby the Craziest Thing You're Going To See Today? Most Probably Yes

I thought this was the craziest low pass flyby ever, but obviously I was mistaken. After all, what you're seeing here is not a small fighter yet but a B-52 Stratofortress almost kissing the sea while flying by USS Ranger aircraft carrier. Read More >>

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This Fluid Fly-By Video Is the Most Astonishing View of Earth I've Ever Seen

This weekend NASA published an awesome time-lapse flyby of planet Earth taken from the International Space Station. Awesome, but jerky—until now. Someone interpolated the original frames to achieve this smooth as silk motion film. It'll leave you stupefied. Read More >>


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