Scientists Can Reconstruct Faces by Reading Your Mind

Fantasising about an old flame? Lusting over a celebrity instead of your current squeeze? Watch out: scientists can reconstruct the faces you're thinking about from a brain scan alone. Read More >>

Brain Scans Can Now Reveal Who You're Thinking About

For the first time, scientists have been able to use data from brain scans to identify who patients are thinking about. Read More >>

Here's the Exact Part of Your Brain That Thinks About Sex (and Cars, and Sport…)

If you've ever wondered which part of your brain thinks about a particular object, activity or concept, worry no longer — this interactive brain is about to answer all your questions. Read More >>

Robot Body Controlled By Human Thoughts Alone

For the first time, scientists have managed to use fMRI scans of a human to control the movements of a robot body. The link between man and machine allowed the researchers to control a robot in France from a brain scanner in Israel. Read More >>

Scientists Invent Mind-Reading System That Lets You Type With Your Brain

Researchers have invented a mind-reading system that, for the first time in history, allows any person to type words and phrases letter by letter, just by thinking. It all occurs in real time, without moving a single muscle or uttering a single word. Read More >>

We Brag Because It Feels as Good as Sex

It often seems like a lot of people sure love talking about themselves. But now scientists are working out why we love to brag, and it turns out it's not really our fault: talking about yourself provides the exact same sensation as great food, money and sex. Read More >>


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