Famous Logos Recreated in Comic Sans...Aren't as Bad as You Feared?

Imagine a world in which Comic Sans has replaced Helvetica or Futura as the go-to font of the corporate logo makers of the world. That's the lovely idea behind niche Tumblr Comic Sans Project, which imagines exactly that -- and recreates famous logos in the world's most hated type face. Read More >>

The US Government Would Save £240 Million if it Just Switched Typefaces

Of the many schemes to make the government more efficient, this is probably the only one that involves typography. A teenager in Pittsburgh has calculated that by simply switching the typeface used in government documents from Times New Roman to Garamond, it would save taxpayers $400 million (£240 million) in ink. Read More >>

Facebook's Latest Feed-Jiggling Redesign Now Live

Facebook's reorganised the deckchairs on its promenade again, introducing a complete redesign of its desktop site that supposedly brings the big view in line with the mobile versions. It's whiter and a bit more text-based, but still seems to be the same people talking about their running, alcohol dependency and babies. Read More >>

How Two Men Made Low-Res Fonts Look Good Forever

While we now take crisp-looking typography for granted, it wasn't always that way. Back in the 1980s, low-res fonts were commonplace and looked dreadful--but fortunately two men changed all that for the better. Read More >>

This Spindly Font Was Inspired by Crisscrossing Tram Wires

The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, has hills--lots and lots of steep hills--and a robust tram system that weaves around the highs and lows, complete with a whole tapestry of wires that crisscross above the tracks. Read More >>

Boost Your Typophile Street Cred With These Beautiful Font Flashcards

Whether you're an old pro or just beginning to take an interest in type, Fontspotting, a downloadable font flashcard game, is so jam packed with typographical details that you're pretty much destined to learn something new. The best part though? It's totally free.
Of course, you're more than welcome to make a donation to the Australia based duo behind the deck (Dustin de Souza and Jessica Witt), and once you see these cards' crisp, clean print and the care and detail that undoubtedly went into organizing such a feat, there's a good chance you'll want to hand over at least a few bucks. Read More >>

ios 7
How iOS 7's Font Change Looks in the New Beta 3

iOS 7's switch to the Helvetica Neue Ultra Light typeface was one of the bigger design points for the new OS. But it came with a catch: It looked, in places, pretty bad on non-retina screens. The fix was simple enough. Just change it back to regular weight. Read More >>

A Typeface Designed To Thwart Spying Computers

If people are snooping on your textual communications and you don't like it, there are a couple of things you can do. You can try to block the prying eyes, you can stop saying things you don't want to be seen, or you can make your messages make no sense to the outside. The anti-authoritarian typeface ZXX is shooting for that last one. Read More >>

Is It Possible to Defend Comic Sans?

It's nearly impossible to use Comic Sans on the internet and not get tarred and feathered. It's an internet sin of the highest level. A crime against human decency and people's eyeballs. A parody of a joke of a fool. Universally hated. So... is it possible to defend the font? Is Comic Sans wrongfully reviled? Maybe! Read More >>

You'll Never Squint Again With This Automatically-Resizing Font

If you've ever tried to glance at your computer screen and read something from across the room, you know it's a pretty futile effort, no matter how hard you squint. This demo website has a solution: dynamically changing font size based on your distance from the screen. The catch? It wants to watch you read. Read More >>

Hard-to-Read Fonts Will Make You Less of a Biased Jerk

It’s generally not a good thing to be biased. Sure, you can have your opinions, you can even cling to them strongly, but if they start actually altering your perception of reality, things can get messy. Lucky for you, hard-to-read fonts are here to the rescue, and might be able to save you from opinionated ranting. Read More >>

design week
Changing Famous Logos to Comic Sans Ruins Every Logo

Comic Sans is so universally reviled on the Internet that it's become hilarious when people actually try to use it. I wish I could be like those people who can look at Comic Sans and just see it as a happy font. I wish I could see the entire world in Comic Sans and love it. I wish every company's logo was in Comic Sans. Read More >>

This Jumpy Font Has Had a Few Too Many Cups of Coffee

There are all kinds of fonts out there, but they pretty much all have one thing in common: they're rigid. Typode, on the other hand, has its characters defined by coordinate so they can skew, stretch, twist, and do all kinds of neat-looking, hard-to-read tricks. Read More >>

What If Tech Companies Used These Beautiful Vintage Logos?

Google has one of the most iconic logos of all time, in spite of itself. There's nothing charming about it except for its massive, comforting familiarity. But what if Google (and the rest) swapped in a luscious, retro look? Read More >>

Does This Typeface Truly Help Dyslexic Readers Read?

I'm not dyslexic, so I really have no way of judging whether this is bogus or the real deal. But 1 in 10 people have it, and for them I hope this is legit. Read More >>

If Fonts Had Voices They Would Sound Like This

In this hilarious video, Jonathan Garcia of The Minute Vlog gave voices to fonts. It's eerily on point—I always imagined Arial to be a pompous, stuffy guy with an English accent and Comic Sans to be a numbnut. Read More >>


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