A Breaded Chicken Crust, Because Your Domino's Pizza Alone Wasn't Unhealthy Enough Already

Domino's crimes against your cholesterol levels are many and varied, but so far never as heinous as that of rival Pizza Hut. That's about to change. The pizza-pimping takeaway is pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a crust to uncharted realms with its new breaded chicken-filled edge. Read More >>

Hotdog in a Sausage Bun Because Bread Makes You Fat

If KFC can go double down on chicken, The Vulgar Chef can totally split a bacon cheddar sausage down the mid section and stick a god damn dog in it. Because, like he says, bread makes you fat but protein is just fine. I want one so badly. Read More >>

Marks & Spencer's Fish and Chips Pie is Everything But Humble

The Random Food Generator really has pulled something out of the bag with this one. This has to be the pinnacle of off the-shelf supermarket pies, surely? Can any food ever be more British than a Marks & Spencer fish and chips pie? Read More >>

Your Tastebuds, Not the Food, are to Blame for the Bad Taste of Airplane Meals

Airplane food tastes disgusting. Or does it? New research into food served at 35,000 feet suggests that it is changes in the way that our tastebuds work while flying, not the food itself, that's to blame for crummy-tasting meals. Read More >>

Lettuce Mourn the Passing of Greenery in T.G.I. Friday's Burgers

It's as synonymous with a hearty burger as a portion of fries or a milkshake, but T.G.I. Friday's is now preparing to stop serving lettuce with its burgers. Turning over a new leaf, it believes that its diners won't miss the ingredient in its recipes. Read More >>

McVitie's Drops Chocolate Digestive Biscuit Bombshell: You've Been Eating Them Upside Down

As someone who's convinced himself that eating a packet of crisps opened from the bottom somehow affects their taste, I nearly had a heart attack when reading this. You know the chocolate side of a McVitie's Chocolate digestive biscuit? That's its bottom. Read More >>

Killjoy Liverpool Council May Ban Al Fresco Fish and Chips

"Open or wrapped?", a familiar phrase to anyone that's ever enjoyed the nation's traditional takeaway favourite, fish and chips. But for residents of Liverpool, an open portion of the dish may soon become a thing of the past. Read More >>

You've Never Truly Appreciated Cheese on Toast Until it Has Been Delivered by Parachute

You're au fait with fast food, but what about flying food? Soaring in like an edible, melty paratrooper is a cheesy toasted treat delivered by parachute courtesy of Jafflechute. Read More >>

Lifechanger: You Can Bake KitKats if You've Got the Balls to Brave the Burn

Ready for a fresh taste sensation thats been sitting under your nose your entire life? The humble KitKat --snap it, share it, dunk it in your tea? Well, you can bake them too for melty, chocolatey warm-wafery goodness. Read More >>

Lobster Patty in a Mac & Cheese Bun and Other Extraordinary Burgers

Pornburger is a new site that will make you crave a deliciously outlandish burger. I want every one of these culinary creations. I want to stuff my face with them, I want to bathe in them, I want to fall into a food coma with them in my bloodstream. Read More >>

Bacon Alarm iPhone Adaptor Wants to Wake You With the Smell of Meat

A US meat-packer is running a contest in which users can win a bacon-smell adaptor for iPhone, with the device supposedly able to pair with an alarm app to wake users with the smell of cooking meat. It'll be like still living with your mum or in a flat above a cafe. Read More >>

Chip Shop Maniac Creates 5kg Deep-Fried Ferrero Rocher

Why, ambassador, with this deep-fried Ferrero Rocher you are providing us with enough calories to keep an elephant running at top speed on a treadmill for a month. The ambassador is John Clarkson, a chippy boss who claims battered Rocher have been a hit with his customers. So much so that he made a huge one that looks absolutely disgusting. Read More >>

Animal Protein Added to Smoking/Salt/Sugar/Fat/Carbs Early Death List

Feeling smug about eating a high-protein diet? Too bad, you may still die young like the rest of the carb-bloated population, with researchers suggesting a diet loaded with animal protein can increase the likelihood of developing serious diseases to a similar level to that seen in smokers. Read More >>

Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Pizza is Back, But That's Not the Worst They've Ever Served Up

The culinary world has been set aflame with The Guardian's food critic Jay Rayner ditching the Michelin-starred restaurants this week, in favour of reviewing Pizza Hut's 2,880-calorie cheeseburger crust pizza, relaunched after a brief stint on our shores last summer. It's not the first time Pizza Hut's disgusted wowed us with bonkers creations, however. I'd suggest not eating your lunch while reading this article. Read More >>

McDonald's May Extend Breakfast Hours to Cater for Erratic Yoof Eating Habits

Don't the kids of today know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Apparently not: "Millennial" youth eating habits are now making McDonald's consider extending its breakfast menu serving hours in order to fill young tummies with its fast food at a time that suits them. Read More >>

"Mashtag" Potato 3.0 Redesign Beta Rolling Out in March

Birds Eye has invented a new form of food for nutritional gurus, in the shape of Mashtags. Or, as the packaging suggests, Mas#tags, the #New and #Tasty potato shapes. Serving suggestion: Listlessly push them around a chipped plate while feeling sad and not as hungry as you were when you put them in the oven and willing your phone to do something interesting. Read More >>


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