Turn Your iPad Into the Foosball Table You Never Had Room For

If you've found it hard to shake your addiction to foosball after graduating from university, but your first apartment doesn't afford you the room for a table of your own, all you need now is an iPad, and a willing opponent. Read More >>

A Tiny Foosball Table Means You Can Play Almost Anywhere

Why drop hundreds of pounds on a regulation-sized freestanding foosball table that's just going to take up space, when for a mere £45 you can get XD Design's beautiful Gol table that you can plop and play anywhere? Read More >>

The Foosball Table So Stylish, It Doesn't Have to Hide in the Garage

Because they're commonly banished to rec rooms and basements and bars, foosball tables are rarely judged for their looks. In fact, the vast majority of them are very ugly. But after seeing this fine piece of design work by RS Barcelona, maybe it's time to reconsider. Read More >>

Compact Foosball Coffee Table Makes For a Great Alternative To After-Dinner Conversation

It's certainly not the first coffee table we've featured that does more than just keep a stack of magazines off the floor. But with Teckell's Intervallo micro foosball table in your living room, you might actually look forward to sitting around sipping coffee after dinner. Read More >>

Adjustable Goals Make It Fun To Play With Foosball Jocks Again

Everyone has that friend who grew up with a foosball table, or had one at uni, and is impossible to beat. To the point where it's not even fun to play with them, unless it's on this table that introduces handicaps. Read More >>


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