Finally, a Stadium Shaped Like a Crocodile

I'm as baffled as you are that it's taken so long, but it seems someday we still might get the stadium we've all known architecture really needs: Turkey's Burasapor football team, nicknamed the "Green Crocodiles," could soon be getting an architectural masterpiece, a structure that will rival the greatest palaces of the last 200 years, even outdoing the timeless proportions of the Acropolis. It is a coiling green crocodile with blazing spotlights in its eyes. Read More >>

Engineers are Tracking American Football Helmet Data to Study Head Injuries

The prevalence of head injuries is the dark side of American Football. Now a University of Michigan engineering lab is installing sensors inside helmets which can help measure impact and spot potential brain injuries that might go undetected. Read More >>

Stan Collymore Accuses Twitter of Putting Profits Before Morals Over Racism Row

Internet trolls; whether on message boards, social media sites or even in online games, we've all faced them. But are the owners of web services really doing enough to stamp them out? After receiving a barrage of racist abuse and even death threats, ex-footballer Stan Collymore has called out Twitter as preferring to protect its bank balance rather than its users. Read More >>

Essex Football Club Bought its New £5,000 Stand Off eBay

The dozens of fans of non-league club Brightlingsea Regent will soon be able to enjoy their team's struggles in greater comfort, thanks to club management spending £5,000 on a new stand. Which they got off eBay. Read More >>

A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Will Kick Off 2014's World Cup

It won't be a superstar football player who takes the first kick of 2014's Football World Cup in Brazil. Nope, instead, it will be a teenager, paralysed from the waist down, who will use the world's most advanced mind-controlled exoskeleton to get things underway. Read More >>

Packed Lunch Fury Triggers £375k Court Case for Arsenal

A row over sandwich eating and bread slicing inside corporate boxes at Arsenal football club has led to a huge legal battle for money, after some sort of catering affront created acrimony between the club and a large business customer. Read More >>

Beckistentialism -- The "Philosophical Awakening" of David Beckham

Yes, you read that right. David Beckham, curver of footballs and purveyor of haircuts, is now having a philosophy named after him, based on his "imagined philosophical awakening during his time with Paris Saint Germain". What. Read More >>

Terrace Chants Overpower Royal Fanfare as First Ever Buckingham Palace Football Match Kicks Off

Who ate all the pies? I'd pin it on the corgis, as Buckingham Palace plays host to its first ever football match today, with Civil Service FC and Polytechnic FC facing off today to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association's formation. Read More >>

Ready to Pay the Annual FIFA Tax? Cheapest Places to Buy FIFA 14

You've had the pleasure of playing FIFA 14 on your iOS and Android devices absolutely free for the past few days, but you're going to have to cough up the cash if you're looking to nab a copy of the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions. On sale today, we've hunted down the cheapest UK high street deals (and a handful of prices from the biggest online names too) to help you keep some cash in your pocket this weekend. Read More >>

EA Shocks Gamers With "Free" Android and iOS FIFA 14

EA's annual FIFA mega-franchise has arrived on Android and iOS, with the publishing giant making the shock move of releasing this year's mobile version of FIFA 14 for free. We suspect there may just be one or two in-app purchases lurking inside it, though. Read More >>

Football Focus on the Samsung GALAXY S4

The great thing about the beautiful game is that people of all ages and from any walk of life can enjoy it. Read More >>

How a Crumbling 1960s Stadium Was Resurrected to Host the World Cup

When the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil next year, matches will take place inside of Mineirão Stadium, a 50-year-old venue that was in ruins only a decade ago. But thanks to some careful renovations at the hands of BCMF Arquitetos, it's new again — and ready for a little football action. Read More >>

BT Sport App Glitches Ruin its Live Premier League Debut

The BT Sport live streaming channel managed to hoof it over the bar when presented with an open goal this weekend, with complaints firing in over its streaming tech's failure to cope with the first live game of the new Premier League season. Read More >>

BT Sport Channel Now Live for BT ISP Users

If your internet comes through BT and you like listening to Claire Balding going on about horses and occasionally watching some football, your luck's in -- the new BT Sport channels are now live in the UK. Read More >>

Nike's Got the Balls to Try and Revolutionise Football Again

After the design of Adidas' soccer ball at the 2006 World Cup was found to actually be unstable and unpredictable at higher speeds, Nike has capitalised on the company's mistake to secure a stronger foothold in the world's most-watched sport. And its latest creation, a ball called the Incite, has already been adopted by leagues around the world, including the Barclays Premier League in England, and the Serie A in Italy. Read More >>

Nike Hypervenom: It's Like Playing Football Barefoot

Ask any football player what they're looking for in a boot and you'll likely get the same response: Feel. Today Nike revealed its latest "innovation" with the Hypervenom, a boot built for agility. Read More >>


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