Sebastian Vettel's Multi-Storey Mantelpiece is HEAVING With Trophies

When you've won as much as Sebastian Vettel has, you start to run out of space for your little cups and trophies. Hence the massive, multi-storey case he uses to store and rather conspicuously display the silverware earned during his incredibly successful racing career. Read More >>

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This Is Why Old Formula 1 Cars Were Absolutely Lethal

We're used to seeing all sorts of horrific-looking crashes in F1, but because the cars are so strong and safe the drivers almost always walk away with barely anything other than bruises. That totally wasn't the case with the cars of old. Those things were terrifyingly dangerous. Read More >>

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Watch Red Bull's Incredible 2.05-Second Pitstop In All Its Super Slow-Mo Glory

There's a heck of a lot of intricate little actions that takes place in a pitstop -- all choreographed like a well-drilled dance troupe. But it's really difficult to see, in only the 2.05 seconds it takes for Red Bull to swap all four tyres. Thankfully, that's what slow motion is for, and it's amazing to watch it all happen. Read More >>

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Bad News: 2014's F1 Cars Are Going to Sound Rubbish

The FIA's decided to get with the program of fuel efficiency and is forcing every F1 team to swap their beastly and incredibly-high-revving 2.4L V8s for smaller 1.6L V6s with turbos. On the face of it, that's better for our normal-car tech development, but what it means is they're going to end up sounding a bit crap. Like vacuum-cleaner whiny. Rubbish. Read More >>

F1 Cars, With Just Their Sponsors' Logos Visible

Modern F1 cars are so plastered with advertising that, without the actual chassis of the car being visible, you can still make out the whole outline of the speed machines. In fact, removing the car from the equation turns them into stunning works of art, especially the Lotus. Read More >>

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Driving an F1 Car Is Way More Complicated Than I Ever Imagined

I know there are a load of buttons on an F1 steering wheel, but there's a heck of a lot more to adjust than I actually thought was possible mid-drive. This testing lap recorded from what looks like the lap of Nico Rosberg, with commentary from one of his engineers, shows these guys have to be absolute machines to cope with it all while blasting round the track at breakneck speeds. Read More >>

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This Is Why Even Wheels Are Absolutely Lethal in Formula 1

With Wimbledon on, and Murray finally doing it for all us Brits, the German GP got side-lined a bit. It was a cracking race though, but one Mark Webber moment really opened our eyes. An errant wheel from a pit stop went careening into a poor cameraman taking him completely out. Ouch. Read More >>

EE and Vodafone Clash Over Cheeky "Ultrafast 4G" Formula 1 Advert

It seems like Vodafone's got itself in a spot of hot water, after it decided it'd be a brilliant time to slap a red-hot "Ultrafast 4G" logo on the side of its Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 cars for the British Grand Prix. Problem is, you can't get 4G on Vodafone yet. Read More >>

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If the London F1 Grand Prix Ever Becomes a Reality, It'll Be Like This

Last year some crazy people, including F1's own Bernie Ecclestone, put forward the idea of a second British Grand Prix right smack-bang in the middle of London. Given Silverstone's this weekend, the lads at Xcar decided to see what the proposed London circuit was like on the ground. Needless to say, it would be one amazing race. Read More >>

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This Amazing Timelapse Shows You Just How an F1 Car Is Built

Have you ever wondered how an F1 car is actually put together? Slotting the whole structure, gubbins, guts, and gears together like a massive jigsaw puzzle? Watch Marussia build its F1 car for this season from start to finish. It's like the best Lego project you've ever seen, but real. Read More >>

This is the Ferrari F1 Simulator Alonso Uses to Practice

When you think of the best of F1 drivers, you kind of assume that their prowess on the track is god-given, and while you might be right to some extent, they certainly practice, a lot. This is the very simulator that Ferrari built for Fernando Alonso, and apparently it can even be programmed to teach him new tricks. Read More >>

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Why Yes, It Is Possible to Change All Four Tyres on an F1 Car in 2.05 Seconds

Next time you go to your local tyre shop, demand a 'Mark Webber change', just like this. During the Malaysian Grand Prix last month, the Red Bull team managed to break records. Not with the fastest car or anything like that, but with the fastest pit stop, where all four wheels are changed, ever made. In just 2.05 seconds. Incredible. That's barely enough time to stop a car, let alone anything else. Read More >>

For the First Time Ever You Can Watch F1 in 3D

F1's only really gone HD recently, but now Sky's pushing the boat out with a full-on 3D broadcast of the pinnacle of motor racing for the first time ever. Between February 28th and March 3rd, you'll be able to watch all four test days from the third F1 test at the Circuit de Catalunya, if you've got Sky that is. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy This Insane-Looking Six-Wheeled F1 Car

The radical 1976 British Tyrrell P34 F1 racer, sporting four wheels at the front and two at the back, has gone up for sale. The expected asking price? Just £750,000. OK, maybe you and I can't actually buy it, but Richard Branson probably could. Read More >>

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Watch an F1 Driver Get Lost Right in the Middle of a Grand Prix

The final race of the F1 season was this weekend just gone in Brazil, and it was an eventful one alright. Rain, crashes, spins, wins, and, err, Kimi Raikkonen getting lost right in the middle of the race. Yep, lost on a closed track. Impressive stuff. Read More >>

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How Do You Perform the Perfect F1 Pit Stop?

These days, pit stops can make or brake a race. Hell, four wheels, some minor wing adjustments, and even a steering wheel change, can all be completed in under three seconds. But that's only possible using the latest tech, materials, and some serious organisation. Here's a sneak peak into what happens in that crucial three seconds. Read More >>


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