You Won't Believe How Much Dumphones Can Actually Do

In spite of iOS and Android's quest towards world domination, it's easy for us overprivileged first-world residents to forget that the spread of the smartphone doesn't affect everyone. In fact, only half of all mobile phones shipped in 2013 are expected to be smartphones. The rest are the slower, clunkier, and exponentially cheaper devices officially known as feature phones, but more commonly dismissed as dumbphones. Careful, though. They're smarter than you think. Read More >>

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Can You Recognise a City By Its Foursquare Check-Ins?

If you plotted out all the check-ins made on Foursquare, you should be able to get a pretty good handle on the geographic layout of a city. It's like modern day map making or check-in cartography. So do you think you can recognise a city just by its Foursquare check-ins? Read More >>

Who Does Facebook Search Screw the Most?

Graph Search, which we're going to call Facebook search from here on out because nobody wants to read or write "Graph Search," is a dramatic new way to browse Facebook. But its implications spill over onto its rivals—which companies lose the most? Read More >>

Curiosity Rover Makes the First Foursquare Check-in On Another Planet

Sure, while astronaut Doug Wheelock has the first-check in on foursquare from the International Space Station, can he boast the first check-in from another planet? 'Course not, Curiosity has got that one nailed to a tee already, by checking in on the big red planet known as Mars. Take that humans! Read More >>

Foursquare-Type Check-In Service Facedeals Uses Your Facebook "Like" History to Sweeten the Deal

Facedeals may still only be in its trial period, but the Foursquare-like deals program that uses facial-recognition software to check you in on Facebook when you enter participating businessed is sure to incite all manner of responses when it's rolled out for the general user. Read More >>

This Is the Best FourSquare Perk Ever

Woz forwarded this great picture from his friend Ron Schnell over the weekend: a parking slot permanently reserved for a restaurant's FourSquare mayor! The details, according to Ron: Read More >>

Dell CEO Bans Daughter From Using Twitter After She Blabs Family Secrets

You've got to feel for Michael Dell (Dell's, err, CEO), who spent £1.72m ($2.7m) on security, only for his daughter to waltz around online, blaring their family whereabouts to all and sundry. Read More >>

Find Out How Early You Signed Up for Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and More

For me, signing up for any new social network goes something like this: Hear about it and ignore it. Hear about it again and then make fun of it. Hear about it again and wonder if I should sign up. Sign up. Do nothing until I hear about it again and remember I have an account and then, finally, start using it. Read More >>

Don't Push All Your Freaking Foursquare Checkins to Twitter

Do you really want all your Twitter followers to know that you're currently at Greggs? I mean, if you do, that's fine. But at the least, they probably don't care and at the most they're embarrassed for you. We've established that you shouldn't arbitrarily push all your tweets to Facebook, and a similar maxim should apply to Twitter and your Foursquare Checkins. Read More >>

Facebook Now Tells You When People Like Your Foursquare and Instagram Updates

Be careful with what you like, because that Like button in your favourite social apps can now publish your friends' Facebook notifications. In a blog post, Facebook describes a change to Open Graph introducing a new like button that developers can put in their mobile apps, which will post the like to Facebook as well. Read More >>

Take Note: 5 Social Media Mistakes Not to Make at Work

Forbes has a very on-point list of the top 5 social media mistakes to stop making at work. A lot of it is pure common sense, but we still think a mini-tute bears repeating! Here are our reasons for why you really ought to heed Clay's (and Pirc's) advice. Read More >>

There's a New Foursquare, and You Should Care

Foursquare needed a significant new version. It's trying to do too much at once, and it showed: clutter. But the newest release is not only more ambitious — it wants Facebook turf — it's elegant, thoughtful, and clean. And hugely useful. Read More >>

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World's Creepiest Girl-Stalking App Gets Pulled From the App Store

What must be the creepiest app ever conceived and let into Apple’s sacred walled garden, “Girls Around Me”, has been pulled from sale after Foursquare got wind it was using and abusing its service. The app allowed you to scan for women in your vicinity using Foursquare and Facebook to trawl for the “millions of chicks checking in daily” – “the perfect complement to any pick-up strategy”. No, this isn’t another April Fools. Read More >>

Would You Use a Condom-Based Foursquare to Check In When You Have (Safe) Sex?

A lot of effort goes into manufacturing condoms that are comfortable and effective, but that doesn't do anyone any good if no one wears them. So some well-intentioned goober has decided to slap QR codes onto condom wrappers so you can check in every time you, uhh, unwrap one. Read More >>

Google's Latitude Leaderboards Is a Blatant Foursquare Rip-Off

If, for some reason, you still use Google Latitude, you'll find you can now gain points for your check-ins, meaning you can be ranked on a global leaderboard. Yes, Latitude Leaderboards rips off another idea from Foursquare. The question is, though: who'll bother to use it? Read More >>

Facebook Now Scours Your Account To Suggest Real-Life Events

Facebook has just launched a new feature: Suggested Events. It scrabbles through your account history to find events you might like to attend in real life. But is that a great idea, or will it generate a bunch of irritating spam? Read More >>


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