Report: Google and Foxconn Building Roboticised Factories of the Future

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google and Foxconn are working together to create a new vision of roboticised factories. Read More >>

Angry Interns May Have Deliberately Botched Some PlayStation 4 Hardware

The poor students that were allegedly forced into building Sony's PS4 at the Foxconn workhouse may have got their own back in quite an impressive way, with a forum post from one student involved suggesting the youths may have deliberately hobbled some of the machines. Read More >>

Chinese Students Building PS4 Consoles at Foxconn in Internships From Hell

Chinese tech super factory Foxconn is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again, after it has been uncovered that it has been using student interns on the production line for Sony's next-gen PlayStation 4 console. Read More >>

The iPhone 5C Is Already Involved in a Labour Violations Scandal

A little less than a week before it's supposed to be unveiled to the public, the iPhone 5C is attracting attention from human rights groups for possible labour violations. While it feels like deja vu after the many Foxconn scandals, there's an important difference this time. The factory is American-owned. Read More >>

Chinese Worker Group Reports New Wave of Abuse at Apple Suppliers

A report from New York-based China Labour Watch has raised concerns over a new wave of worker abuse among Apple suppliers. Read More >>

Foxconn Is Microsoft's Biggest Patent Licensee (Of, Uh, Android Patents...?)

Foxconn has become Microsoft's biggest single patent licensee. While that might not be surprising — the Taiwanese manufacturer produces an amazing 40 per cent of the world's consumer electronic devices — the fact that the patents are over Android might be. Read More >>

How Things Are Improving at Foxconn, and Why That's Not Great for Some

Working conditions at Foxconn plants are well known to just about everyone at this point. And while executives have been paying lip service to improvements for years, it seems that things are finally looking up. But the improved conditions come at a cost. Read More >>

Foxconn's Work Force Struggling to Cope With iPhone 5 Demand

The Angry Super Teenage Workforce of Chinese tech assembly specialist Foxconn is struggling to build Apple's iPhone 5 quickly enough, with the company's chairman saying his factories are "falling short of meeting the huge demand" for Apple's latest mobile. Read More >>

Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5?

So many things are made in China: DVD players, handbags, adorable shoes, kitchen gadgets, watches, t-shirts, laptops, and more. Some of them are made in happy, shiny factories. Some are born out of deplorable labour conditions that ruin and cost lives. We usually don't know which. Read More >>

Nintendo Is Investigating Foxconn for Child Labour Violations, Too

Earlier this week, Foxconn owned up to using underage workers in one of its factories. That's made Nintendo—whose Wii U is also assembled at Foxconn—suspicious, so it's launching its own investigation into the Chinese manufacturer's labour practices. Read More >>

WSJ: Foxconn Exec Says iPhone 5 Is the 'Most Difficult Device' It's Ever Made

Apple touted the fit, finish, and technical wizardry required to produce the iPhone 5. Apparently that wasn't just marketing fluff. According to an unnamed Foxconn exec who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, it really is a pain in the arse to manufacture. Read More >>

Foxconn Admits Violating Child Labour Laws

Just a week after riots broke out at Foxconn over working conditions at the Chinese plant that manufactures Apple's glorious new iPhone 5, the company is mixed up in another labor imbroglio. This time, it's over the admitted use of child labor. But sheath thy pichforks because Foxconn's not entirely to blame. Read More >>

iPhone 5 Production Slows as Apple Improves Aluminium Quality

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple's iPhone 5 production is slowing, as it attempts to cut the number of devices shipped with nicks and scratches by improving aluminium quality control at Foxconn. Read More >>

Foxconn Denies Strikes, Says Everything at Its iPhone Plant Is Going Just Fine

Yesterday, reports came in that around 4,000 over-worked and under-paid Foxconn employees began to strike, potentially hitching up iPhone 5 production, the stresses of which had pushed them to the breaking point. According Foxconn, however, everything at the plant in question is just peachy. Read More >>

Foxconn Workers on Strike After iPhone 5 Starts Brawls

The underpaid, overworked Chinese workers of Foxconn have had enough, according to a new report by China Labor Watch: thousands have gone on strike over immense iPhone manufacturing pressure and fistfights with their bosses. Read More >>

Apple's Next Revolution: Prison Shanks

Earlier this week there was a giant 2,000-person brawl at a Foxconn factory where they make iPhones. While labour organisations might try to protect workers from Apple, how is Apple protecting them from each other? Enter the iShiv. Read More >>


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