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Watch a Fake Russian Use £15,000 of Far Cry 3 Weaponary to Blow Stuff Up

What do we love more than watching FPSRussia blow up the American countryside with weird and wonderful weapons? Watching him do it with weapons from the latest Far Cry, of course. Read More >>

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Watch a Crazed Fake Russian Taze, Shoot, and Pepper Spray His Biggest Fan

Doing what FPSRussia does is dangerous. And to demonstrate just how dangerous it is, he sought out a fan on Twitter to get tazed; and pepper sprayed; and, um, branded? Look, things got weird, ok? Read More >>

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Watch a Fake Russian Man Explode a Tree with Exploding .50 Cal Ammo

Everyone loves FPSRussia. The accent; the acquired-out-of-nowhere high ordnance; the shooting and exploding. What's not to like? Here he is shooting a Dragon M-50 heavy machine gun. Read More >>


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