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A Microscopic Time-Lapse of Snowflakes Forming is Hauntingly Beautiful

Snowflakes never fail to stun when viewed up close, but this microscopic time-lapse of them forming is particularly special. Read More >>

Pure Emergence: Tom Beddard’s Amazing Fractal Architecture

Though we have previously covered the amazing fractal creations of Tom Beddard, we thought it would be worth revisiting his work to find some examples of his architectural explorations. As we've discussed many times, parametric modeling is becoming more popular in the architecture world, thanks largely to Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects. While many amazing projects have resulted from the meeting between programming and building, parametricism becomes more awe-inspiring and, paradoxically, more rigorous when it is freed from the constraints of human inhabitation. Read More >>

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The Hidden Fractals in Jurassic Park

If you've ever read the Jurassic Park novel and wondered what those crazy sets of spirals were between chapters, you need to watch this video. Also: if you've never read the Jurassic Park novel, you need to watch this video. Read More >>


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