Polaroid Revival Attempt #215: Launch an Android Picture Frame App

The current owners of the historically important Polaroid brand are attempting to make it relevant once again, launching another kind of image framing and filtering app for Android users. Just what we really needed. Read More >>

Movies Summed Up in Nine Film Frames

Movies are too long. Even film masterpieces can shave off a few minutes here and there so we can get off our arses, away from laptops, out of the cinemas, eyeballs off the TV a little bit earlier. So. How short can a movie be for you to get the gist of it? Can it be done in nine single frames? Read More >>

Don't Toss That Tattered Old Tee, Immortalise It In This T-Shirt Shaped Frame

You loved wearing it out in public all those years, but deep down you knew your favourite t-shirt—with its ironic catchphrase/humorous illustration/retro faded corporate logo—would not last forever. Instead of demoting it to rag duty, you can immortalize it forever in this t-shirt-shaped T-Frame. Read More >>

app of the day
Frames: An App to Help You Create Wonderful Timelapse Videos

There's something moody and wonderful about timelapses we can't get enough of. They're simple, beautiful and transfixing. Now there's an app that allows you to easily create both timelapses and stop-motion videos without the chore of stringing together images in iMovie. You pick the content, it deals with the rest. Read More >>


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