Sweaty Southern Rail Travellers Subsidise the Loss-Making Northern Franchises

Stats measuring the amount rail companies pay the government and receive in subsidy appear to show travellers in the South East are bailing out the rest of the network, with passengers into London paying around £1 each per 10 miles in higher ticket prices due to the government's subsidy system. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Wins Two-Year West Coast Main Line Extension

The government's finally ready to start the UK's rail franchise system up again after making an almighty mess of the process last year, with the first decision being to grant Virgin Trains an extension on its West Coast main line route that'll see it continue to run the line until 2017. Read More >>

Toy Train Company Nearly Secures West Coast Mainline Contract

Toy company Big Jigs submitted a jokey application to run the troubled West Coast Mainline franchise, and didn't expect to get much joy. But the Department for Transport replied. And was quite funny. Read More >>

West Coast Train Line May be Nationalised as Branson's Doom Prophecy Comes True

The government's bizarre decision to take the West Coast Main Line train franchise away from Virgin Trains, which infuriated boss Richard Branson no end, has fallen apart in spectacular fashion, with the whole transfer now cancelled amid claims of mass incompetence. Read More >>

Branson Goes Berserk as Virgin Loses Rail Franchise

Virgin boss Richard Branson has taken to doing a bit of angry blogging, launching an attack on the government for handing Virgin's prize West Coast Main Line train franchise to rival operator FirstGroup. Read More >>


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