Get a Free SIM on the Three Network With This "Ditch the Contract" Deal of the Day

Since Ovivo vanished unexpectedly, there'll be a good number of people on the lookout for another mobile deal. Presumably, it'll be entirely made up of those with second phones because they're having an affair, or ringing up bars and asking for "Hugh Janus" and the like. Read More >>

BBC Trust Stresses Over YouView Subscriptions and Sky Channel Listing Fees

The BBC's core concept of providing free-to-air TV is being eroded by platforms like YouView, with the BBC Trust concerned that commercial companies are using the BBC's content as a way of convincing viewers to take out subscriptions. Read More >>

The 10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

There are lots of perfectly good alternatives to Photoshop out there, and you know what? Their makers love us, because they're offering them for free. I love them too. Read More >>

Free Means Free Even on Mobile, Thanks to 0800 Rule Changes

As part of its long-awaited simplification of the UK's calling system, comms regulator Ofcom has confirmed that 0800 numbers will soon be properly free, universally, even when calling from a mobile. A deadline of June 26 2015 has been set for the networks to sort it all out. [Ofcom] Read More >>

Trading Watchdog Warns Over Misleading and Aggressive In-App Purchases

The Office of Fair Trading has stepped into the debate around real-money in-app purchases in games aimed at children, saying more needs to be done to explain future costs and micro-payments upfront and before players install that amazing "free" game. Read More >>

Free Games Your Reward for Attending Apple's App Store 5th Birthday Party

Apple's App Store celebrates its fifth birthday this week, and plenty of game publishers and developers are using this as an excuse to boost their user numbers by giving away some cracking iOS games for free. Read More >>

BT's Going For Sky's Jugular With Free BT Sport For All BT Broadband Customers

It seems BT's on a Sky-seeking rampage. It's announced that BT Sport, which will have live Premiership Rugby, live Premier League Football, UFC, Moto GP, and Red Bull TV among others, will be available free to BT Broadband or Infinity customers. Read More >>

Xbox Live Gold Is Free This Weekend

Heads up freetards -- time to get your fill your online gaming boots, as Microsoft's giving the UK a free weekend of Xbox Live Gold. You know, just in case you haven't tried it yet. Starts 12pm Friday, and there's even double XP up for grabs in Gears of War, Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. [TomsHardware] Read More >>

You Can Now Play Spotify Tracks as Many Times as You Like For Free

Spotify's just dropped its 5-free-play cap on individual tracks in the UK, which means you can now play your fave tunes as many times as you like without paying a penny. [Music Alley] Read More >>

Tesco's Free Movie and TV Streaming Service is Now Live

After an earlier false start, Tesco's ClubCard TV is finally live, and anyone with a ClubCard can now sign up for free. It's powered by Silverlight, currently only streams in SD, is funded by pre-roll and mid-play adverts, but does have The Shawshank Redemption, so there's at least one movie worth watching on there. It's free, so give it a whirl. [ClubCard TV] Read More >>

Here's How to Grab Yourself 50GB of Free Box Cloud Storage For Life

If you haven't had your fill of cloud storage by now, here's how to grab yourself another 50GB of the stuff from Box, not just for a year or two, but for life. Plus, you can gift your friends 50GB too. Read More >>

Play Crysis 3 For Absolutely Free Right Now On PC, Xbox or PS3

Crysis 3 won't be released for a couple of weeks, but if you're itching to play Crytek's latest hardware-melting FPS, you can, legally, right now. Here's how. Read More >>

"I'm Just Popping Down the Pub to, Er, Use the Complementary Wi-Fi"

Binge drinking enabler Punch Taverns has signed a deal with omnipresent Wi-Fi provider The Cloud, which will see free Wi-Fi access launched in some 3,000 pubs across the UK. Read More >>

If Google Music's Scan and Match Didn't Work For You Before, It Should Do Now

One of Google Music's aim-squarely-at-Apple features is 'Scan and Match', which does what it says on the tin. Just like Apple's £22-a-year iTunes Match, it scans your music library and matches it with Google's own library, giving you instant streaming access for free. Well, now it's meant to be working, and what's more, it apparently scans any music you've already uploaded to Google too. Read More >>

Google's Giving Us a Whole Bunch of Free Stuff For Christmas

Fancy some free apps, music, TV shows and movies? Of course you do! So checkout Google's new 'surprise calendar' and let big G splurge free goodies all over your Android-loving bodies. Read More >>

Apple's 12 Days of Christmas Free-Stuff App Is Back

It's not often you get free stuff out of Apple, but Christmas is one such occasion. Grab the 12 Days of Christmas app and get a free gift from the iTunes store every day between December 26th and January 8th. Last year the 'gifts' were a bit hit and miss, but hell, free's free, right? [iTunes] Read More >>


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