BBC Trust Stresses Over YouView Subscriptions and Sky Channel Listing Fees

The BBC's core concept of providing free-to-air TV is being eroded by platforms like YouView, with the BBC Trust concerned that commercial companies are using the BBC's content as a way of convincing viewers to take out subscriptions. Read More >>

BBC's Five New-ish HD Channels Arrive on December 10th

Five "new" HD channels from the BBC are scheduled to appear tomorrow, when BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD go live. Same stuff, but now with a minimum guaranteed number of pixels. Read More >>

Our 4G Bands Are Now Free of Legacy TV and Ready for Mobile Networks

Today sees the UK's radio spectrum cleaned up and completely ready for the arrival of 4G networks (ahead of schedule), thanks to the last few old Freeview masts in Scotland switching over to their new digital bands and away from 800MHz. So... where are all the new 4G networks then? Read More >>

Sony Manages to Brick Yet More Devices

What the hell is Sony playing at right now? After bricking a tonne of PS3s, now Sony's managed to right-royally screw up a butt-load of people's Freeview boxes. What the hell Sony? Read More >>

Yeah, 4G's Probably Not Going to Nuke Your TV After All

After all the fear mongering that the wide-scale launch of 800MHz 4G in the UK would nuke all our Freeview TVs, blocking up airwaves and sending us back to the dark ages of televisual viewing, it seems it's really not that big a deal. Just 15 out of 200,000 homes in a test area saw any interference at all. Read More >>

10 New HD Freeview Channels Coming to Sweeten 5G Terrestrial Retune

Plans to clear up the UK's airwaves once again to allow future 5G services are already underway, with Ofcom and the broadcasters hoping to tempt us to upgrade our kit well in advance by offering a range of new HD channels. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Work to Plug Freeview Interference Hole Before Full 4G Launch

The UK's mobile networks have come together to help speed up the 4G launch in the UK, getting the team in place to sort out the potential nationwide nightmare of Freeview TV interference when the next-gen mobile service becomes more widespread. Read More >>

Pure's Getting Into Fancy Freeview Boxes

Pure's made the leap from making digital radios to the exciting world of Freeview+ HD boxes. I know what you're thinking, just another rubbish Freview box that you're probably not going to buy. But Pure might actually make a difference here with the Avalon 300R Connect. It's finally done what we've been craving for ages, spent time on the interface and made it slick and fast. Read More >>

A Cheap PVR Is Your Time-Shifting-Like-a-Demon Deal of the Day

So, you've realised why your life isn't quite perfect. You've got that telly in your bedroom/spare room and you've got Freeview on it, but it doesn't record stuff! Of course! THAT'S the cause of your ennui. Read More >>

4G's Going to Nuke Your Freeview and Ofcom Just Isn't Doing Enough to Stop It

At least that’s what broadcasters are saying. 4G networks using the 800MHz band will butt right-up against the Freeview bands, creating serious interference for anyone living within 2km of a 4G mast. That could put up to 2.3 million homes in a TV black spot including yours, and what the hell are we going to do without TV? Read More >>

We've Just Taken One Massive Step Forward to 4G in the UK

London’s analogue TV transmitters have gone dark. From now on you’ll have to resort to FreeView or FreeSat to get your free-to-air TV fix in the Greater London area, which I can’t imagine any of you are sad about. But after a myriad of delays, it also means that we’ve taken a very important step towards our 4G future, and that should have you right-royally excited. Read More >>

A Cheap Electronic Cigarette Bundle Is Your "Because I Just Can't Give Up" Deal of the Day

Today, we’re not just going to save you some money, we could also help to save your life. Yes, that IS our serious face that’s staring at you from out of your computer screen. Read More >>

Dutch TV Porn Can't Be Stopped

Ofcom has complained to Dutch TV regulators over the appearance of the likes of soft porn adult chat channel Babestation in our Freeview TV listings, which it's powerless to stop. Read More >>

Your Freeview Might Get Nuked By 4G

The mobile networks are blowing money on 4G again, only this time it's not on masts or coverage -- it's to make sure interference from new transmitters doesn't ruin our enjoyment of Antiques Roadshow. Read More >>

No Neighbours In HD For You Britain -- Channel 5 HD's Done a Runner

Those looking forward to gawping at attractive young Australian soap-stars in glorious HD will be sorely disappointed, as Channel 5 has backed out of taking the fifth HD slot on FreeView HD. Read More >>

First 20 UK Local TV Channel Towns Announced

Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, has announced the first 20 towns that are expected to get local TV stations occupying channel 106 on Freeview. Each town or city has been hand picked by Ofcom from a list of 65, and are expected to be licensed come summer 2012 for all your local TV issues. Read More >>


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