Albert Einstein Wanted to Create the Best Fridge Ever That Would Last a Century

Did you know Albert Eistein wanted to make a fridge? Seriously. The greatest brain in modern physics dedicated a lot of time in trying to create a long lasting, energy efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerator. Read More >>

No, Samsung, We Don't Need a Goddamn Fridge With a Screen, Baby Monitor and Evernote

Samsung has presented a new awesome fridge, with a Ultra HD 4K LCD screen, a built-in Evernote app, and a baby monitor. One of those things is not real, but all of them are stupid. Read More >>

These Magnets Turn Your Fridge Into a Retro LED Display

These fridge magnets might not be high-minded or particularly useful, but they will turn your fridge into something that looks like a 1980s Casio digital watch. Read More >>


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