An On Demand Vending Machine That Chills Drinks in Just 45 Seconds

When you think about it, keeping a fridge full of drinks perpetually cold at a store is a tremendous waste of energy given the product may not be sold for days. But the only alternate solution is to somehow chill drinks at the time of purchase, which is exactly what a new refrigeration technology called V-Tex does, without the need for gallons of liquid nitrogen. Read More >>

Your Fridge Is a Sauna Compared to This Tiny Quantum Freezer

We've all got refrigerators to keep our leftovers not-rotten, but compared to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's latest creation, our hulking cooling boxes hardly compare. This tiny quantum prototype, no bigger than a few inches, packs as much power as a window air conditioner the size of the Nelson's Column. Read More >>

Albert Einstein Wanted to Create the Best Fridge Ever That Would Last a Century

Did you know Albert Eistein wanted to make a fridge? Seriously. The greatest brain in modern physics dedicated a lot of time in trying to create a long lasting, energy efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerator. Read More >>

Samsung's New Fridge Has a Built-In SodaStream Dispenser

Samsung deputed a ridiculous fridge with Evernote that no one needs at CES this year. We can all agree that's totally silly. Here's something awesome from Samsung you actually might want—a fridge with a built-in SodaStream. Read More >>

Classy Mini Fridge Hides Amongst Your Fancy Decor

While I'm sure they'd be just as appreciated by women, these unfortunately named 'Man' Tables are designed to hide a mini fridge in a classy living room setting. Or, to be more specific, anywhere but a student's room. Read More >>

You'll Be Ashamed to Fill These Vintage-Inspired Fridges With Junk Food

My fridge is disgusting. If I don't eat better, I'm going to die. I don't want to die, so I'm hoping I can scrounge enough cash to buy one of these gorgeous refrigerators that embody all the qualities I'd want the food on the inside to have. Read More >>


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