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The Secret to Facebook Happiness Is Killing Friendships

You have too many friends—I promise you. Really. You've been collecting them for probably half a decade, like barnacles on the side of a slow boat, and they're holding you back. They're also threatening your privacy. End it. Read More >>

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The Internet Isn't a Good Excuse to Be a Bad Friend

We're beyond over-sharing—we're perma-sharing. Between texts, Twitter, and Facebook, we have more vessels for venting than we have thoughts worth sharing. So you might assume, with all these ways to communicate, that a friend in trouble will make it obvious to everyone. Don't. Don't assume anything. Read More >>

Facebook Updates its Super Special Buddy Friendship Pages

Facebook has upgraded the look of its "Friendship" pages, bringing a new feel to the parts of the site that celebrate all the joys two people can have when endlessly tagging photos of each other on the internet. Read More >>

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Keep Your Greedy Hands Off My Stuff

Hey, friend—or, roommate/party host/relative/girlfriend's acquaintance—can I play around with your valuable electronic devices? Can I pick them up and start poking at them without asking? No! At least, probably not. Read More >>

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How to Pretend to Be Someone's Friend on Facebook

Most of the people you're friends with on Facebook aren't your friends—you know that. But decorum forces you to keep them in your virtual stable! Here's how to block them out of your life in a socially healthy way they'll never even know about. Read More >>

Facebook Is Killing Friendships and Causing Fist Fights

We usually think of Facebook as a place to either keep in touch with real friends or cryogenically freeze old and artificial ones that wouldn't otherwise exist. But a new Pew study says FB can actually end relationships, too. Naturally! Read More >>


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