Disney's Frozen the Highest-Earning Animated Movie of all Time, Sort Of

Reuters have announced that Frozen, Disney's Oscar-winning movie about a cutesy-but-irritating Snow Queen, is the top-grossing animated movie of all time. Yay! But it's not actually that simple, because it's not really the highest-earning animated movie of all time. Oh no siree. Read More >>

Niagara Falls Isn't Frozen--But it's Getting There, And it's Beautiful

It's probably one of the most amazing wonders of mother nature. Because of the severe cold weather, huge ice formations are starting to take shape along Niagara Falls—the American side—and the result is an incredible landscape of bubbling, whirling ice. Read More >>

Cinema Mix-Up Screens Sex-Filled Nymphomaniac Trailer to Kids Before Disney Film Frozen

Picture the scene: You've headed down to the local multiplex with the younglings to see Disney's Christmas blockbuster Frozen. The half-sweet-half-salty popcorn's been bought, the litre of overpriced coke nearly consumed, your little ones excitedly hushed as the screen house lights dim. And then up on the big screen pops, not the latest Pixar trailer, but Charlotte Gainsbourg sucking off Transformers' Shia LaBeouf, for realz. Read More >>

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Magically Turn Soft Drinks into Delicious Slushies With This Trick

Soft drinks are teeth sweeteningly delicious. That is undeniable. Slushies capture all that is good about coke and its ilk but adds tongue tingling snowflakes into the mix. It's absolutely perfect for the summer. But how can we soft drink sipping peasants experience the rare beauty of slushies at home? With a little bit of magic and a bit more of science. Read More >>

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Watch Liquid Water Instantly Turn into Ice

Turning water into ice usually takes a lot of time. Not for this guy though, he magically turns liquid water into frozen ice. It's instantaneous! Seriously, just watch water get poured from the bottle and then freeze immediately. What kind of sorcery is this? Read More >>

Man Shows Why Trying to Jump Through a Frozen Swimming Pool Is Such a Bad Idea

We're not entirely sure what was running through this chap's peanut before he jumped. There are only two possible outcomes to this particular stunt: 1) your body breaks through the ice, leaving you trapped under the frozen ceiling, unable to breathe while you search desperately for the entry hole; or 2) you hit the rock hard ice with your arse, pretty much ensuring a fractured pelvis. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me. But each to their own. [YouTube] Read More >>

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Absinthe Lollies: The Frozen Treat That Will Melt Your Face

This hot British June is the perfect time to sip cold cocktails and eat frozen treats. Why not double your pleasure and combine the two into a single, efficient indulgence? Read More >>

This Ice Bra Is Designed to Fight the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

These are Super Cool Bras, underwear full of a special gel engineered to remain "soft and supple even when frozen." It's been designed to fight the Fukushima atomic catastrophe, which has made Japan to shut down all of its reactors. Read More >>

Ice Snitches and Cocktails Alike with These Frozen Bullets

Long known in assassin circles as a means of offing targets without leaving evidence, ice bullets now serve a less-than-lethal function—cooling your drinks. Read More >>


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