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Man Shows It's Totally Possible to Play Fruit Ninja With a Real Knife

Fruit Ninja just a bit too dull for you? How about adding the slicing-danger of a real knife. Apparently it's actually possible, on a Lumia 920 anyway. Watch as a man amazingly survives will all his fingers intact after a frantic real-knife Fruit Ninja session, and gets a little bit too excited about the whole thing in the process. Read More >>

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Real-Life Fruit Ninja Looks Like So Much Damn Fun

Yeah, I have to admit, I go through phases of being addicted to Fruit Ninja, especially competitive Fruit Ninja, but hell, this looks like so much more fun. What do you get when you give a fat guy a samurai sword, hurl fruit at him, and capture the whole lot in slow motion? Pure awesomeness, of course. [YouTube via TNW] Read More >>

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This Cat Just Beat Your Fruit Ninja High Score

Of all the trends to close out 2011, I couldn't be happier with the emergence of Animals Playing Games On Gadgets. First came the agile bearded dragon, then the vicious African Bullfrog, and now, in perhaps the most impressive display yet: a cat that is very, very good at Fruit Ninja. Read More >>

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The Dark Meadow for iPad and iPhone: Extremely Monstrous and Incredibly Beautiful

With every week that passes, a new iOS game is released that's even more visually impressive than the last. Previously, Shadowgun held the crown for a scant seven days, bowling us over with console-quality graphics and gameplay. Now that accolade has been cruelly wrested - nay, snatched, along with a desultory poke in the eye - by atmospheric chiller The Dark Meadow. It blends together elements of first-person combat, role-playing and exploration, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>


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