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Babies Trying Lemons for the First Time in Slow Motion

Someone got a brilliant idea: Let's give babies lemon wedges for the first time-- just like every single parent does in the privacy of their home--and record their reaction in slow motion so the entire world can laugh and go aaaaawwwwwww at the same time. Read More >>

Brace Your Bowels: Scientists Say TEN Veg Servings a Day are Needed to Not Die of Everything

If you want to not die of everything in your late thirties, you may have to spend a bit more time in the fruit and vegetable aisle of your local supermarket browsing the lumpy green things, with one health think-tank suggesting the five-a-day fruit and veg serving advice should be doubled to ten. Read More >>

Laser-Cut Logos: The Future of Packaging Is No Packaging At All

The EU is notoriously sensitive about how its crops are grown—but this weekend, it will begin allowing companies to apply labels and barcodes directly onto produce using lasers. The new legislation—which has taken three years to pass—was spearheaded by a Spanish company called Laser Food (natch), which has developed proprietary tech to print the marks en masse. Read More >>

Scientists Revolutionise Pina Colada Production With Coconut-Flavoured Pineapples

Australia's Department of Agriculture has announced that its researchers have made a breakthrough that will send shockwaves across beach resorts and tiki-themed restaurants around the world. Through careful breeding they've managed to produce a sweet pineapple that also tastes like coconut, reducing future Pina Colada recipes to just two ingredients. Read More >>

Caramel Filled Apples Is the Best Thing To Ever Happen To Halloween

There’s two big problems with the traditional caramel apple. They’re messy to eat, and once the caramel coating is gone you really have no incentive to keep eating the apple. But with the caramel on the inside, it’s a whole new ballgame that will give you a new appreciation for fruit. Read More >>

This Is the Shiniest Living Thing on the Planet

Hidden away, deep within a forest in central Africa, is something quite special. But the Pollia berry's name doesn't quite do it justice, because this thing is shiny. Damn shiny. In fact, it's the shiniest living thing in the world. Read More >>

Scientists Invent Healthy Chocolate Made With... Fruit Juice?

While there's some evidence that chocolate is good for you, the fact remains that it's so full of fat and sugar that binging on it will make you fat. Now, though, scientists have developed a healthier version of chocolate using fruit juice—but how the hell does it work? Read More >>

Fruit Flavoured Envelopes Will Have You Abandoning Email For Handwritten Letters

Sometimes innovation doesn't come in the form of faster clockspeeds or extra pixels crammed into a display. Sometimes it's as simple as creating a line of envelopes with a lickable adhesive flap that tastes like grapes, cherries, and strawberries. Read More >>

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How To Make Smooth Whiskey Even Smoother

Bourbon and rye are absolutely wonderful just as they are, but variety is the spice of life. What if you could take a delicious whiskey and make it even smoother? Attenuate that high-proof alcohol bite? It's easier—and even more delicious—than you think. Read More >>

Eating Vegetables Makes Your Skin More Attractive

If your mother always used to nag you to eat your greens, good on her! New research suggests that not only are vegetables good for you, they also make your skin more attractive to the opposite sex. Read More >>

Genius Fruit Label Turns into Soap When Wet

I want to buy and wash a bushel of apples just to show everyone how ingenious this is. Instead of peeling off the produce label and wondering if you're supposed to use soap to wash off your carefully chosen produce items, you can kill two birds with one dissolving-label stone. Read More >>

Eat Your Greens, Change Your Genes

You already know you're supposed to eat your vegetables. But a new study shows a healthy diet could go so far as to impact your genetics Read More >>


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