How Clean Is Your Kebab?

I'm not sure whether this is great or utterly terrifying. It's not like you're being picky when you roll into a kebab shop, but maybe you should be? The Guardian's put together a scary map showing just how clean your local kebab place, butchers, curry houses, and anything that serves food are, according to failed food inspections by the Food Standards Agency. Yuck. Read More >>

FSA: Findus "Beef" Lasagne Was Up to 100 Per Cent Horse

The horsemeat scandal trots on thanks to our French friends. After Tesco's burger blunder, the Food Standards Agency has been looking into supposedly "beef" meals. Turns out, Findus Beef Lasagne was in fact horse lasagne, or between 60 to 100 per cent horse, to be exact. Read More >>

Bank of England Coming Under (Simulated) Cyber Attack

The Bank of England, the Financial Services Authority and the Treasury have been playing war games this week, launching simulated cyber-attacks on banking systems to... see what would happen. Read More >>


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