Starck's Dog Desk Will Actually Help Kids Do Their Homework

In a surprising turn of events, students around the world might soon be crediting their dog for actually helping them complete their homework, instead of using man's best friend as a scapegoat. But that assumes that every student has access to this adorable dog desk designed by Philippe Starck. Read More >>

A Desk Designed to Accommodate all Your Everyday Tech

Do you ever sit there and wish your desk were better suited for your many gadgets? Seriously, that standard flat piece of wood you've been sitting at for years was not designed for computers, much less tablets or phones. But the SlatePro is. Read More >>

This Perfectly Counterbalanced Supervillain Table Will Never Fall Over

When decorating their over-the-top headquarters, supervillains need to choose bold office furniture that matches their even bolder schemes to take over the world. And designer Toni Grilo delivers with this gravity-defying coffee table, which looks on the verge of falling over. Read More >>

This Giant Wave-Like Super Office Desk Seats 125

When it was time for the NYC ad agency, Barbarian Group, to design a new office, they wanted to do something different. The agency wanted something more open, less inhibiting. So architect Clive Wilkinson built them an "endless table." Read More >>

A Simple 3D-Printed Plastic Adapter Turns Anything Into a Stool

The obvious plan of attack when you're building a stool is to just toss a round wooden seat on the top and call it a day. It's functional, for sure, but nowhere near as creative as Arthur Schmitt's Anice Stool, which is a 3D printed plastic core that lets you use whatever material you want for the seat. Read More >>

These Clamps Turn Any Old Slab of Wood into a Table, No Drill Required

Buying furniture is expensive. And making furniture is hard. But with this set of table legs, you can fashion a beautiful custom table without so much as a toolbox at your disposal. Read More >>

This Beautiful Wooden Table Only Weighs 4.5 Kilos

This gorgeous wooden table, designed by Ruben Beckers, is called kleinergleich5—which means "less than five"—because it weighs just four and a half kilos. What the hell? Read More >>

This Table isn't Complete Until You Decorate it With—Staples?

As the number of documents you need to print most likely diminishes year by year, you're probably finding that you don't use office accessories as quickly. Staples, for instance. But designer Nilly Mozer has come up with another way to use them up: A table really only complete once you've adorned it with rows and rows of staples. Read More >>

You'll Need to Pull Some Strings to Sit in This Chair

As the old adage goes: If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Well this furniture concept by Chinese designer Hui Chun Chen flips that idea on its head– this chair is broken, so you have to fix it everytime you want to sit in it. Read More >>

These Delicious Wall Hangers Look Just Like Biscuits

Hungry? Sorry, you're outta luck. While this box might look like it's stuffed full of biscuits, you're actually looking at a cool new set of wall hangers. Read More >>

Transform This Coffee Table Into a Classy Place to Dine in Seconds

For better or for worse, most of us have phased out meals at the dinner table in favour of dining in front of the TV. But on those rare occasions when guests visit and you don't want them thinking you're a slob, this lovely wooden coffee table from Duffy London quickly transforms into a small table where four can dine and focus on conversation, not the PVR. Read More >>

These Scribbled Sketches are Actual Pieces of Furniture

You're sitting in a coffee shop sketching the layout of your new flat for your friend. Okay, here's the living room. Sofa and coffee table are here. Chair here. I want to put a smaller chair over here. And then your almost incomprehensible chicken scratch turns into life-sized furniture before your eyes. Read More >>

Check Out These Vintage Cameras Turned Into Handsome Lamps

Now that film is almost obsolete, you're probably wondering what to do with that beautiful old Minolta taking up precious space in your desk drawer. Well, have you ever considered building furniture out of it? This crew of crafty Chinese designers has. Read More >>

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Incredible Video of the Magic Morphing Table That Lets You Touch Things

Remember the morphing table that can replicate your body and movements in real time? Its name is inForm. Daniel Leithinger, from the Tangible Group at MIT Medialab, showed us their first official video. Read More >>

This Chair Can Be Worn Like a Backpack

If you demand that your furniture is both reassuringly substantial and also portable, then you probably have a tough time navigating life. But here's something to help: a real chair that can be worn as a backpack. Read More >>


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