The Maths Hidden in Futurama

You might just watch Futurama and giggle to yourself—as you should!—but if you study it a little more closely, you'll find that it's stuffed full of numbers and maths. Read More >>

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If Your Phone's Screen Shatters, This Is the Best Background You Can Possibly Use

The Onion joked about people getting phones with shattered screens but, if my screen breaks, I will set this background and keep using it until I bleed to death through my fingers. So cool. [Imgur via Reddit] Read More >>

Futurama's Bender Should Be Included In Every Classic Board Game, Not Just Operation

The show hasn't quite been the same since it returned from cancellation, but we'll always have a soft spot for Futurama in our hearts, particularly Bender. Which is why we're completely in love with this custom-made Operation game featuring the lovable robot scamp. Read More >>

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Geekiest Marriage Proposal Yet: Binary, Bender Mask, Flying RC Shark

Raising the bar on nerdy wedding proposals, YouTuber doctorpappa (possibly not a real doctor) decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him by donning a paper-mache Futurama Bender mask, and popping the question in binary. Read More >>


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