Yorkshire Prison Nationalised After G4S Fails to Win Contract

Bumbling security firm G4S has failed to get its contract to run the Wolds prison in East Yorkshire renewed, with the Ministry of Justice deciding it's best to bring it back to public ownership rather than keep it in private hands. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 3

We've had a weekend filled with the Opening Ceremony; disappointment in the cycling, and a whole boat-load of sport, but today's just another day of the Lolympics. This time round we've got our dear PM using the tube; the most hilarious Olympics worker ever; the real skydiving Bond and Queenie, plus some squabbling over BMXs; a row over seats, and yet more trouble for G4S. Oh dear lord. Read More >>

After Failing to Protect the Olympics, G4S Decides to Audition for X-Factor

G4S isn't having the best of times right now, and to be honest, considering it's screwed the pooch on Olympic protection, I reckon it deserves anything it gets. But seriously? A security firm with its own theme song. If you've got enough time to do that, maybe better planning for the Games wouldn't have gone a miss. Read More >>


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