The First Man on Mars Could be... Richard Bloody Branson?

In an interview with a US news station, Richard Branson has revealed this he'll be taking his kids up with him when the first Virgin Galactic edge-of-space planes start running next year -- but a mission to Mars is his new ultimate fantasy. Read More >>

Racking Up Virgin Atlantic Air Miles Could Get You a Space Flight

Virgin Atlantic has come up with an ingenious way to get us all flying to San Francisco every weekend, offering the flyer who racks up the most air miles this year a seat on the Virgin Galactic space plane. Read More >>

Get Lost In Space With Branson as Virgin Galactic's First Flight (Actually) Rockets Next Year

Looks like we're missing this target, but no fret, Branson and co. have announced the scheduled departure of the first Virgin Galactic space flight on board SpaceShipTwo. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic Firing its Rockets in 2012

After a series of successful non-powered test flights, Virgin Galactic's ready to start firing up its rocket engines for full-power test runs in 2012. Which could mean those rich ticket owners may get to go sub-orbital very soon indeed. Read More >>


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