​Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: The Android Franken-Camera Gets Better Brains

It's been more than a year since Samsung released its Android powered Galaxy Camera. And despite our initial skepticism, we were actually impressed that the merger of a mobile device and point-and-shoot camera was so well executed. The weird thing was wonderful, and according to Samsung, it sold pretty well! Which is why the Galaxy Camera 2 is only a lightly modified version of the earlier success. Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy Camera Review: Android Franken-Camera, You Are Absurd and Almost Wonderful

"Android camera." It doesn't even sound like a real thing. That's why the Samsung Galaxy Camera could easily have been a nonsense concept — two desirable things hurled together in hopes that the result will be a revolutionary hybrid, and not a catastrophe. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands-On Video: We Want!

Last month, Samsung showed us a glimpse of its Galaxy Camera: A weird and wonderful mashup of the Samsung Galaxy S III and a long-zoom point-and-shoot. Even though what you're looking at above is just a prototype, the camera works far better than you'd expect from a Frankensteinish combination. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Camera Will Cost £399 in Mid-October

Fancy yourself one of Samsung's strange, yet possibly wonderful Android Jelly Bean-powered cameras? The Galaxy Camera will cost you almost the same as an entry-level DSLR, at 400-smackers, but at least it'll be available next month, right? [Photography Blog via Cnet] Read More >>

Samsung Slaps an Optical Zoom on a Smartphone with the Galaxy Camera

Why bother slapping Android on a point-and-shoot when you can just slap an optical zoom on your smartphone? At least that's what Samsung thought with its new Galaxy Camera, which has a colossal 21x optical zoom; a 16MP sensor, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at its heart. Read More >>


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