Samsung's Galaxy Note III's 5.68-Inch Body Shows Up In Crime Scene Photos

Samsung has left us a note (cough) ahead of its big Berlin reveal at IFA next week, with a purported Galaxy Note 3 display leaking out this week via the guts supplier ETradeSupply. What can we glean from this crime scene photograph? It appears the display will measure 5.68-inches, edging out last year's 5.5-inch efforts. Big news. Read More >>

Another Samsung Lockscreen Bypass Demonstrated on the Galaxy Note II

The lockscreen on Samsung's Galaxy Note II is the latest to be rather easily bypassed by a crude technique, and this one doesn't involve anything more complex than perseverance and a quick Google voice search. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note II Hands On: Bigger Got Better

The original Galaxy Note was very not good, but seven months and 10 millions sales later, it's hard to deny that it's found a niche. But will its even beefier successor live up to the hype? We just spent the morning fondling the upcoming Galaxy Note II, and you know what? We're pleasantly surprised. Read More >>


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