Samsung's 2014 Rumoured to Involve Showing a Galaxy Note 4 at IFA

Samsung would appear to be sticking to its winning product lines and the timelines in which it updates them and makes everything half an inch or so bigger, with rumours from its homeland claiming the Galaxy Note 4 will appear at the IFA tech event as did its forefathers. Read More >>

How Many of You Own a Phablet?

Phablets seem to be winning the device category war that's going on right now, at least in Asia. More phablets are being sold than both laptops and tablets combined, which begs the question: How many phablets are in the hands of Brits? And would you really buy one instead of a laptop? Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy Note III's 5.68-Inch Body Shows Up In Crime Scene Photos

Samsung has left us a note (cough) ahead of its big Berlin reveal at IFA next week, with a purported Galaxy Note 3 display leaking out this week via the guts supplier ETradeSupply. What can we glean from this crime scene photograph? It appears the display will measure 5.68-inches, edging out last year's 5.5-inch efforts. Big news. Read More >>

Samsung's Got Another Note For Us in Berlin

If you were in any doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note III is on its way, this little teaser, which not-so-subtly states "note the date" for Samsung's IFA keynote on September 4th, should put that to rest. How big will it be though? Can anyone stomach a 7-inch phablet? Samsung's got to one-up Sony's 6.44-incher, right? [Facebook] Read More >>

lightning review
LG Optimus G Pro Review: The Fastest Big Phone Out There

Fun fact: In a sprint, the hippo is one of the fastest land mammals, despite also being one of the largest. Similarly, the LG Optimus G Pro is unquestionably one humungoid phone, but it runs about as fast as the top speedsters out there. Whether or not you should consider buying it, however, is up to the elasticity of your fingers. Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia Is Planning a Galaxy Note Rival

The Financial Times is reporting that Nokia is, unfathomably, working on a large-screened smartphone whose size will rival that of Samsung's Galaxy Note series. Read More >>

Crazy New Exploit Can Brick Samsung Phones or Steal All Their Data

Got a Samsung Galaxy SIII? Maybe a Galaxy Note? Well listen up because there's a new boogeyman on the loose. According to a thread at XDA Developers, there's an exploit out there that can let Android malware apps get at all your physical memory, for the purposes of stealing your data or deleting it or whathaveyou. Read More >>

Pilots Get iPads but Flight Attendants Get Galaxy Notes

American Airlines has been making the move to digital by giving their pilots iPads instead of paper heavy manuals, and the upgrading doesn't stop there. American Airlines wants their flight attendants outfitted with tech, but they won't be handing out more full-size tablets. They're going with the Galaxy Note. Read More >>

Apple Taking Aim at Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note in Updated Galaxy Nexus Complaint

Apparently not content with a $1 billion verdict in its favour, Apple is trudging ever forward in its patent war against Samsung, and this time it's taking aim at a slew of more current phones including the Galaxy Note and Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III. Read More >>

Leaked Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Show an Even More Gigantic Screen

If you were one of the weirdos who looked at the original Galaxy Note and thought, "Oh man, I would totally buy the shit out of that huge phone if it was more huger", you're in luck: leaked specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 show a 5.5" screen. That's .2 of an inch bigger than small fry original Galaxy Note! Read More >>

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Samsung's Got a Really Funny Idea of What Counts as "Small" and "Light"

The Galaxy Note 2 is incoming, and we'll see it at IFA next week, but first Samsung's treating us to a weird teaser video. Samsung seems to have things a tad confused too, because I certainly wouldn't call a 5.5-inch-plus phablet "small," and I'll bet it's not all that "light" either. Read More >>

Original Samsung Galaxy Note Sells 10M Units, While Kylie Wears Dress Made From 10.1-Inch Model

Back in March, Samsung announced that their venerable phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note, sold a decent five million units, but now the company has gone and announced that they have now doubled that figure by selling over 10 million units worldwide. I'm pretty sure that number is only going to continue to grow, and who would have guessed phones were getting big again? Meanwhile, Kylie has been spotted wearing a bespoke dress, designed by Matthew Williamson, made up of Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets. Err. Read More >>

lightning review
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: Can a Tablet Fix What the Phone Got Wrong?

The Galaxy Note was, just a wee bit big to be considered a phone. Why not make it bigger and call it a straight-up tablet? Add on some Wacom stylus tech, bump up the specs—be our guest! Read More >>

The Black Samsung Galaxy S III Looks Super Smart and Svelte and Is Ready For Your Pre-Order

I've got to say that the Samsung Galaxy S III is quite the pretty little thing (in the blue colourway, anyway -- we're still not that impressed by the cheapness of the white one), but could it look even more dapper draped in a formal all-black ensemble? Let's see. Read More >>

You'll Soon Be Able to Grab Jelly Bean For Your Galaxy S III and S II

Samsung is looking to give the Galaxy S line a bit of Jelly Bean lovin' fairly soon with the Galaxy S III first up to get the 4.1 update, while the Galaxy S II will get the candy-coated Android version just a little bit later. Read More >>

Oh God They're Actually Making the Galaxy Note Bigger?

You already thought Samsung's Galaxy Note was too big, right? Suitable only for use by elephants? Well rumour has it that the plan is to make it even bigger. Read More >>


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