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Now TV Box Review: This £10 Box Is Miles Better Than It Should Be

A media streamer for just £10 has to be utter rubbish, surely? Not if it's actually a Roku LT underneath and subsidised by Sky. The Now TV box gives you BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Spotify, Now TV, and a couple of other streaming services on your TV for the price of one cinema ticket. Heck, less than a cinema ticket, in some (Leicester Square) cases. Read More >>

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Who Needs Next Gen Consoles When GTA V Looks This Good?

The more I look at all the screens and videos released by Rockstar from GTA V, the more I realise it's the developers that really make the difference, not the hardware. Take a look at these new gorgeous images and tell me I'm not right. Read More >>

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HTC One Mini Review: Smaller Doesn't Mean Worse

So this is it; the smaller version of the HTC One that we've seen rumoured for ages now. "This," of course, is the HTC One Mini, but does it have the goods to condense what is arguably the best phone out there into a smaller package? It's a damn close call. Read More >>

Windows Phone Goes 4.7-Inches On-a-Budget With the Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia's follow up to the mid-range-to-budget Lumia 620 has gone bigger than ever, taking Windows Phone to an Android-like 4.7-inches. Shame about the resolution. Read More >>

HTC One Mini Strips NFC and Quad-Core Chip For Svelte 4.3" Size

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that the HTC One Mini is real. After all, we've been seeing it for months now, and wanting it to exist for even longer. But, unlike other manufacturers (HTC itself has been guilty of this in the past) who strip away most of the top-notch features for their smaller handsets, HTC made a conscious decision to retain as much of the grunt as possible, while keeping the price (and size) down. Read More >>

Forget Google, Volvo's Spitting Out Under-the-Radar Automated Cars That You Can Actually Buy

When you think of automated, self-driving cars you probably think of Google. But it's not the search giant that's forging ahead with self-driving cars, or at least the beginnings of them that you can actually buy. No, incredibly it's Volvo of all historically-less-than-exciting cars, and the motor company has some truly amazing tricks up its sleeve. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Hands-On: Wow, This Thing Is Huge

Sony's just busted out its entry into the dreaded phablet market, and there's no getting around it: Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is massive -- bigger than even the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 -- but it's an absolute power-house, and thin too. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hands-On: This is What the S4 Should Have Been

Samsung made its bulging line of Galaxy S4 variants doubly official tonight in London, finally showing off the tasty-looking Galaxy S4 Active. We had a little play with it to see what all the fuss was about. Read More >>

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Lightning Review: The Best Tablet Sony's Ever Made, By Miles

With the Xperia Tablet Z, Sony's making a statement: It's saying that the premium, innovative Sony-of-old is back. The Sony we remember fondly from our childhoods. This thing's an absolute stunner, that much is obvious to anyone on the internet, but using it, is it good enough to supplant the Nexus 10 or even the tablet king, the iPad? Read More >>

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Pure Jongo S3 Lightning Review: Multi-Room Audio On-the-Cheap Is Actually Worth Buying

When it comes to multi-room audio, Sonos is the king. But while its gear is awesome, its pricing definitely isn't. Pure's new Jongo S3 wireless speaker is the first salvo in its new affordable, adaptable multi-room audio assault, and it's really rather good. Read More >>

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Galvani Electric Bike Review: Commuting, But Less Sweaty

Bikes are great -- cheap, light, easy to use, and super-duper-eco-friendly. But they're also tiring. I mean, all that pedalling. It's exercise. It sucks. So an electric bike, which gives you a subtle helping hand, would seem to be the best of both worlds. Read More >>

This is the Insanely-Gorgeous, Mental New Centenary Aston Martin

Meet the Aston Martin CC100 -- a celebration of 100 years of the iconic British sports car, and an update taking the low-slung lines of the 1950's Aston racers and bolting a 21st century 6L V12 monster in the front. Read More >>

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Wow, Stealing a Car in GTA V Might Be a Bit More Realistic This Time

Stealing cars has never been what you'd call realistic in GTA. I mean, yeah, it has you pulling people out of moving vehicles and all that jazz, but when have you ever seen a smashed window? Well, you have now. Read More >>

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Meet GTA V's Three Main Characters

One of the best things about Rockstar's previous GTA outings has always been the great characters you get to romp around the city as. You don't always love them, but they always add meat to the carnage you unfold on all the unsuspecting street-dwellers. Here's the three you'll be playing in GTA V. Meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 925 Hands-On: This is the Windows Phone You'll Want (Updated With Camera Impressions)

Nokia's just unveiled the Lumia 925, and while you might have thought it's just a UK version of the Lumia 928 that our US cousins are getting, it's so much more. Gone is the all-plastic traditional Lumia, subsumed by a much more refined feeling metal-polycarbonate mix. This thing looks and feels great. Read More >>

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Fixing a Leak in Space Looks Both Fun and Scary as Hell

That ammonia leak on the ISS just had to be fixed, and while NASA's got robot slaves in space to do some of its bidding, there are a few things real men still have to do. Fixing stuff like leaks is one of them. Two astronauts had to do an impromptu EVA, fit a new pump, and dive back in. This is what it looked like. Read More >>


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