US PS4 Sales Smash Xbox One, Selling "Nearly Double" in January

Microsoft's run of consecutive console sales wins in the US has come to a crashing halt, with Sony's PS4 managing to outsell the Xbox One in January. Not only that, but sources with access to the numbers suggest PS4 sales were nearly double those of Microsoft's rival machine. It's only one month of data, but still. [Twitter vis Techradar] Read More >>

Toolbox Chess Sets Make You the Bobby Fischer of the Building Site

Grabbing your toolbox and tackling a few repairs around the house can certainly teach you some new and useful skills. But if you really want to better yourself, and increase your brain power, you'll reach for these lovely toolbox chess sets instead. Read More >>

Flappy Bird Re-imagined as Even Harder Abstract 'Em Up Maverick Bird

It's happening. Flappy Bird is turning into a genre all of its own. Today sees the release of Maverick Bird, a literally rock-solid take on the nascent flap genre built by VVVVVV and Super Hexagon one-man indie dev army Terry Cavanagh. It's worth persevering with for the music -- stonking chiptune rock/rave/acid in Super Hexagon style from Kozilek. [Maverick Bird] Read More >>

Flappy Bird "Gone Forever" as Developer Worries it was "Too Addictive"

The creator of mobile gaming sensation Flappy Bird has again addressed the world regarding his reasons for pulling the game, rather oddly claiming he did it because it was getting too addictive and people were playing it too much. That's, like, the whole idea of games, isn't it? Read More >>

Flappy Bird is Officially Gone from the App Store

As promised, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has removed his torturous app from Apple's App Store. Flappy Bird is gone. It is survived by knockoffs like Clumsy Bird and Happy Poo Flap, and by the nightmares and thumb pain it has caused you these last few weeks. Read More >>

Flappy Bird's Creator Has Pushed the Game Off the Branch (Updated)

Creator of the maddening and virally popular game Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, has pulled the plug on the game. It seems the popularity of Flappy Bird is too much for its creator to bear, who in a series of tweets on Saturday, promised to remove it from the iOS and Google Play app stores. And I'd just gotten past the first three pipes! Read More >>

3d printing
This Magnificently Medieval Chess Set Can be 3D Printed at Home

Everybody needs a chess set. And if you're going to have a chess set, it might as well be a fun chess set, like MakerBot's Dragons of Glastonbury chess set. That way, if you get bored playing chess, you can always just stage a huge medieval battle in your living room. Read More >>

How to Turn the Settlers Of Catan Board Into a Globe

If you've played every expansion available, and have mixed up the rules every which way, but are still finding yourself bored of The Settlers of Catan, here's a clever idea that might make it interesting again. Read More >>

'My Monopoly' Lets You Name Your Own Properties on a Custom Board

Bond Street, Mayfair, and even Old Kent Road are all iconic properties on the world's most popular board game. But what if you wanted to play a game of Monopoly with locales you were actually familiar with? A simple Sharpie is one solution, but so is Hasbro's My Monopoly game. It lets you create a custom board online—with graphics and properties of your choosing—that's then delivered right to your door. Read More >>

Christophe Claret's Latest Watch Lets You Kill Time By Playing Poker

Christophe Claret's first foray into the seedy world of wristworn gambling was the Blackjack 21 that let deep-pocketed watch aficionados pretend to squander away even more of their fortunes. That was followed by a Baccarat model, and now the company is introducing an even more complicated model that lets up to three players enjoy a quick game of Texas Hold'em Poker. Read More >>

Mamma Mia! New Mario Game Can't Prevent Nintendo From Slashing Wii U Sales Expectations

Not even a highly-rated new Mario game and the fevered Christmas rush could help Nintendo's Wii U console sales from sliding further. Revealing its financial expectations for the year, Nintendo has now slashed its predicted Wii U sales from 9 million by the end of March to just 2.8 million. Read More >>

A Cut-Price Complete Sherlock Blu-ray Boxset is Your Cumberbitch'n Deal of the Day

People have been going crazier than a misery of Smiths fans over the BBC's Sherlock series, starring foot-faced Benedict Cumberbatch and Tim from The Office. The BBC have struck gold with a mix of Jonathan Creek, homoeroticism and the kind of Instagram filtering that everyone sticks over shows now, so they look like HBO dramas. Read More >>

Make Stars Fall With These Five-Pointed Dominoes

Vegas is going wild this week in an all-out consumer electronics bacchanal, but sometimes it's nice to tool around with an old-time, offline distraction. Like these Japanese dominoes, which are are about as non-tech as toys come. Read More >>

Laser Tag is Back With a Slightly More Fashionable Uniform

The original Laser Tag game was a huge hit back in the 1980s, though the campy ray guns, clunky helmet, and embarrassing sensor vest just aren't fashion forward these days. But it's still fun—which is why ThinkGeek has resurrected the old game, giving it an updated look that includes a stylish windbreaker jacket, smaller sensors, and an arm-mounted laser blaster. Read More >>

Playing Video Games With Your Eyes: Not As Cool As You'd Hope. Yet.

Kinect might be the big name in full-body motion control, but it's Tobii that's got eyes on lock. And while their past (awesome) demos have been interface-centric, now they're taking on games. It's not perfect yet but man do I ever want this to be awesome. Read More >>

Samsung's GamePad and App Combo Aim for the Lounge Entertainment Hotspot

This rather cute retro lump is Samsung's next attempt at doing a universal game controller for smartphones, which it's calling the Smartphone GamePad. It's optimised for the Galaxy range, but ought to work with anything running Android 4.1 or above. Read More >>


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