What Does the Next Generation of Gaming Consoles Look Like?

The last major hardware release of the seventh console generation, the PS3, was waaaaay back in 2006. Six years on, and we're about to see the next generation of gaming begin, with the launch of the Wii-U before the end of the year. It's hardly surprising that the gaming community has been starting to anticipate major announcements from both Microsoft and Sony about their next wave of consoles, too. Here's what to expect: Read More >>

PlayStation 4 to Pump Out Visuals in Colossal 4K Resolution?

Home 3D is dead, or might as well be, what with the poor sales of 3D compatible devices -- especially now Sony is reportedly working on releasing a new 80-inch TV with 4K resolution. It's hardly surprising that this has sparked new rumours on whether or not the yet-to-be-announced PlayStation 4 will support 4K resolution. Read More >>


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