Amazon's Fire TV Will Double as a Gaming Powerhouse

Amazon has finally announced its answer to Apple TV/Chromecast/Roku in the form of Fire TV. But it's not stopping at streaming. Amazon's taking on the gaming world, too. Read More >>

David Bowie Actually Moonlights as Every Metal Gear Solid Character Ever

Over the weekend, Reddit user tehaveragejoel found the spare time to make this eye-opening picture: when you lay David Bowie's mug (with a few of his many, many hair variations) next to each Metal Gear Solid , there's a fairly uncanny resemblance. Read More >>

Razer's Project Kazuyo Leaks, Showing an iOS 7 Controller and App Combo

This curvy rubberised thing is Project Kazuyo, an unannounced iOS 7 gaming attachment from PC specialist Razer. The controller features the usual bewildering number of game console pad buttons, which the accompanying app will let users map as they see fit. Read More >>

Grab a PS4 FIFA 14 Bundle for £364.94 With Your "Pitch Perfect" Deal of the Day

The best thing about being a football fan is telling professional athletes how to do their jobs. You can even give yourself a false sense of entitlement by playing football games on the 'easy' setting and winning the league all the time. "Oi! Moyes! I won the Champion's League with Torquay!" Read More >>

If Twitch Privileges Can be Pulled, What's the Limit of Microsoft's Xbox One Reputation System Punishments?

Xbox Live is one of the biggest draws to Microsoft's Xbox One console -- even with the advancements in Sony's PlayStation Network, Microsoft still retains the most loyal and competitive multiplayer community. The next step for the new console will be an updated reputation system, rolling out this month. And bad behaviour could be harshly penalised. Read More >>

This is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want to Buy

About a year ago we brought news of a Power Glove themed oven mitt that made anyone who grew up playing the NES excited to do some baking. But that version was made of heatproof fabric and while it looked convincing enough, it can't hold a candle—or a hot tray of cookies—to this amazingly detailed silicone Power Glove oven mitt. Read More >>

Minecraft VR is the First Casualty of Facebook's Oculus Rift Buyout

Facebook's buyout of promising virtual reality company Oculus (makers of the Oculus Rift headset) has split the gaming community right down the middle. And it's alienated at least one high profile developer -- Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft. Read More >>

Creator of Shenmue Researching Kickstarter Options for Shenmue III

Yu Suzuki, architect of many Sega classics and creator of the Shenmue trilogy that was abandoned after only two chapters, is "researching" the idea of crowd-funding a Shenmue III. At a GDC presentation he said he'd like to make it if "the right opportunity" came along, expanding on this to tell Eurogamer he's looking at ways to get the lost Dreamcast generation to pay for its creation. [Eurogamer] Read More >>

A 3DS App That Adds Realtime Sci-Fi Movie Effects to Your Videos

If the games haven't convinced you to buy a Nintendo 3DS yet, maybe this will sway you. Available March 27 in the 3Ds and DSi online shops, I am in the Movie lets you apply real-time filters to the handheld console's cameras recreating famous effects like Robocop's targeting system, or invisibility like in Predator. Read More >>

South Korean University Now Accepts Gamers as Student Athletes

Remember how your parents would harass you about getting ahead in life rather than sitting in front of a video game for 42 hours on end? Throw this in your mum's face: Chung-Ang University in South Korea now considers competitive gamers the same as traditional athletes. And it's a top 10 (South Korean) school. Read More >>

April's Xbox One Update Will Focus on Your Chums

Having pushed out the March update in time for the Titanfall carnage, Microsoft's next step in its quest for gaming domination will be to make the Xbox One a friendlier place. The forthcoming April update will focus on improving the console's notifications system to make it clearer when your pals are on and ready to game. Read More >>

Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks a Little Less Bizarre

Back at Steam Dev Days, Valve announced it was giving up on the touchpad dreams for its Steam Controller. Now, we've got a render that shows exactly what the new older-school design will look like. Which is to say, just a liiittle less alien. [Engadget] Read More >>

These GIFs Will Make You Nostalgic for Your Favourite NES Games

Before the hi-def graphics of modern consoles, there was the Nintendo Entertainment System—a world steeped in glorious 8-bit imagery. These GIFs by New York-based Brother Brain (aka John McGregor) show how the in-game art compared with real world photos. And somehow, the 8-bit versions are still way more fun. Read More >>

Now What Could Amazon be Making a Gaming Controller For?

Back button? Check. Menu button? Check. Home button? Check. You've got yourself a fine looking Android console gamepad by the looks of things there, Amazon. Read More >>

Sony's Own VR Tech for PS4 May Appear Next Week

March 17th is the day the Game Developers Conference kicks off in the US, with rumours suggesting Sony may use the event to launch its own take on the Oculus Rift VR technology for its PlayStation4 console. Read More >>


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