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This Ridiculous Gangnam Style Flipchart Animation is the Best Ever Use For Post-Its

Forget the Pyramids. Forget the International Space Station. Henceforth, mankind's greatest creation will forever be this: a four minute long, incredibly accurate flip-chart animation of Gangnam Style. I don't even want to think about the number of post-its or man-hours spent making this. In fact, I don't want to think about anything. I just want to sit here and watch it on repeat. [YouTube] Read More >>

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This Is What the UK's Been Watching This Year, All Mashed Into One Epic Parody Video

OK, so here at Giz we watch a lot of YouTube videos, and if you're a fan of Watch This, then you probably do too. In 2012 we've seen some pretty epic smash hits, the killer Gangnam Style included. To finish out the year, Google's wrapped them all into one 4-minute mash-up for its 'Rewind 2012' series. Check this wacky bunch out. Read More >>

This Has Gone Too Far: Gangnam Style is Killing People

Ok, look. We've had some fun. We did some parodies, rode our invisible horses in some seriously weird flash mobs -- even had a live wallpaper. But enough. No jokes. People are actually dying. This has gone too far. Read More >>

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What Do You Get When You Slam Gangnam Style Into Wham? The Best Christmas Song Ever, Obviously

The race for the UK Christmas number one is always so damn dull. I mean, hell, who really cares? But what if it was the, err, 'best' Christmas song ever? Yeah, even I could get behind a Wham Vs Psy Last Christmas, Gangnam Style remix. Dj Paolo Monti, you are a genius. [Vimeo via Mashable] Read More >>

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Gangnam-Style Official Live Wallpaper Keeps You Riding That Horse All Day Long

Are you one of the 887,453,057 people who can't get enough Gangnam Style in your lives? Do you have a penchant for incredibly unsubtle live backgrounds? Then look no further, we've found you nirvana. Read More >>

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Of Course There Is a House With a Christmas Lights Show Set to Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style has over 800 million views on YouTube, so it's only fitting that a house has its Christmas Lights set to the South Korean horse-dancing song. Watch it, it's kinda amazing how well it works. I guess Gangnam Style can be the new Jingle Bells? [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

The World Is a Better Place: Gangnam Style Beats Down Bieber

I thought no one could beat the all mighty Bieber, but Psy has gone and done it. Gangnam Style is the most watched video of all time on YouTube. The world has changed forever, and it's for the better. Read More >>

Gangnam Style Trotting Ahead to A Billion YouTube Hits

Haven't we had enough of this yet? Nope -- Gangnam Style's meteoric rise has been visualised by ChannelMeter, and it looks like it's set to become the first video to get 1 billion views -- that's an American billion (1000 millions) by December. Read More >>

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Samsung Sets New Shark Jump Record With Angry Birds Gangnam Style Flash Mob

Where to begin? This video shows Samsung going absolutely berserk and throwing in the kitchen sink in an attempt to sell its Smart TVs, awkwardly combining Angry Birds with Gangnam Style dancing and... a flash mob. Read More >>

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When Doing the Robot Just Isn't Enough: Robot Wins Dance Competition Gangnam-Style

The rise of the machines took another sauntering step this weekend when a robot won a Chinese dance competition imitating the South Korean pop sensation, PSY. Read More >>

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Infinite Gangnam Style Will Melt Your Brain

Paul Lamere, who earlier wrought havoc on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," has trained his song-hacking sights on (what else?) "Gangnam Style," the pop sensation from Korean popstar Psy that continues to sweep the globe and inspire awkward analogies. Read More >>

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Watch This Robot Dance Gangnam Style

Though this CHARLI-2 Robot doesn't do the sexy legs of PSY quite as well, it can pretty much do every other move of PSY's hit Gangnam Style. The horse riding, the little lasso twirl, the crowd pumping, it's hilarious. Watch it. Read More >>

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Forget Gangnam Style; England Has Eton Style

So, everything's been Gangnamed it seems, even the BBC's F1 coverage (that was painful), but leave it to the public schoolboys of Britain to take it to the next level. It's a little rough around the edges, sure, but that's our dear PM David Cameron's old alma mater right there. [YouTube] Read More >>

PSYs All-Round as Everything Imaginable Gets Gangnam-Styled

As parodies spawned from PSY's megahit continue to dominate the viral videosphere, help is on hand to keep you updated with all the 'Gangnamania'. Here's a quick selection of the best, most bizarre and mind-bendingly bonkers on offer. Read More >>

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The Inevitable Downfall Vs. Gangnam Style Mash-Up Will Have You Cubicle-Dancing All Day

The internet really is amazing isn't it; you always know that your next source of musical merriment is right around the corner. As if PSY's original K-Pop sensation 'Gangnam Style' wasn't entertaining enough, there's now a remix that combines it with one of the most unlikely collaborators imaginable: Downfall. Actually, scratch that -- this IS the internet we're talking about here. Read More >>

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I Have No Idea What's Going On In This Music Video, But...Woah

Don't ask me who PSY is; what Gangnam Style is, or how that shaving foam scene made me feel, but holy geysers of YouTube, this Korean music video is something you're going to want to pass on to your friends. And if this is an accurate translation of the lyrics...then I think I love the song all the more for it. [YouTube via Twitter] Read More >>


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