Our Rubbish Is the Most Accurate Time Capsule of All

Time capsules are meant to give future generations a glimpse of what life was like many years ago. But not surprisingly, humans tend to fill time capsules with only the good artefacts of a civilisation, making the story seem rosier than it really was. So when archaeologists and researchers want to find out the real story of a given era, they turn to rubbish instead. Read More >>

Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic Paradise is a documentary by Angela Sun about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch at Midway Atoll. It shows how plastic is ruining nature, causing birds and animals to die and polluting the waters. It’s pretty bad. Read More >>

Did You Know Your Trash Is a Treasure Trove of Weapons Waiting to Happen?

Our favourite crazy slingshot maker, Joerg Sprave, can seemingly turn anything into a weapon. And recently his scavenging skills were put to the ultimate test when a magazine challenged him to turn everyday trash into an improvised arsenal. Read More >>


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