Apple Softens Its Virus Immunity Claims

Apple's quietly changed the wording on its site regarding OSX's virus protection a tad. Looks like Apple's hand was forced by the embarrassing Flashback botnet attack last month and its tardy response. Macs aren't quite as invulnerable as Apple used to boast. Read More >>

Apple Developer IDs Bring Us One Brick Closer to an OS X Walled Garden

Apple sent out notice to its developers today of a new initiative called Developer ID, which will combat malware on OS X alongside the new-to-Mountain-Lion Gatekeeper. It's to keep us, the users, safe. But could it also be the next step toward a future where Apple decides what you can install on your Mac? Read More >>

Gatekeeper, Sandboxing and the Evolution of OS X Apps

Since personal computers became a thing, we've always been free to install any app we like as long as the code was compatible on a very basic level. Read More >>

This Is How Apple Will Use Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper to Kill Apps

OS X Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper is ideally meant to warn users about potentially malicious apps sitting around the web. That's a good thing! But Gatekeeper could also be interpreted as Apple heavily discouraging less savvy users from installing non-Mac App Store apps entirely. It's one step away from turning the current app freedom on the Mac into the app dictatorship of iOS. Read More >>


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