Poor Old Microsoft Gets Well and Truly Caught In the Israel-Gaza Cross Fire

The hacking retaliation for military action continues, this time with a group of Pakistani hackers joining the fray. Unfortunately, they've decided to take out their wrath on poor old Microsoft and its myriad of Israel-facing sites, oh, and Coke, Groupon, and the BBC too. Read More >>

Israeli Drone Crashes in Gaza

It happens to everyone, Israel, don't worry—one of the IDF's drones was either shot down or malfunctioned above Gaza. Now Hamas has it. Read More >>

44 Million Hack Attempts Made on Israeli Government Sites as Part of Anonymous Operation

The Anonymous hack attack on Israel has been continuing over the weekend, with government officials claiming it has seen some 44 million individual attacks made on its official sites. And only one was successful. Read More >>

Anonymous Declares War on Israel In Retaliation for Gaza Attacks

Israel made this a bizarrely internet-publicised war, which I can't say garnered any favours with me, but it looks like it's pissed Anonymous off too. The hacking collective has gone on the offensive, kicking down sites and spray-painting walls, in the only way hackers know how. Looks like Anonymous has your back, Palestine. Read More >>

Israel Announces War Campaign via Twitter

We've seen NATO bicker with the Taliban, and even had Libyan rebels call in airstrikes in under 140 characters, but this has to be a first: Israel's announced its latest military offensive with a single tweet. Read More >>


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