The Six Types of Apple Store Genius

This isn't brick and mortar, it's glass and steel. Pseudonymous Apple Store employee J. K. Appleseed walks you through a choose-your-own-adventure story with a twist. Yep, we're going backstage at Apple Retail, the supercollider of human expectations and consumer technology. Read More >>

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The Single Best Reason to Implant a Magnet in Your Finger

Two years ago, we were fortunate enough to have a man with a magnet implanted in his fingertip explain at length the manifold benefits—and occasional drawbacks—of his minor superpower. What he failed to mention, somehow, was the single best thing about it. Read More >>

7 Simple Improvements That Perfected Everyday Products

It's really hard to improve on a good thing. But every once in a while, a product you have known and loved for a very long time gets a redesign or a tweak that's genius in its simplicity. Here are seven examples of products that we took for granted, recently perfected by a tiny twist:

The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter Saves You From Carrying a Brick

Laptops are supposed to be highly portable, right? But even with a built-in battery you're never leaving home without its power adapter—and that's usually a long cable with a hefty brick somewhere along its length. They're hardly compact, but this laptop adapter from FINsix is. Read More >>

The Rubber Band Macro Lens is Now Stackable For Greater Magnification

When the original version was first revealed, we were amazed at how brilliantly easy the rubber band Easy-Macro made adding an extra lens to any smartphone. But somehow the new version manages to further improve the original design with a better lens that helps protect it from scratches and allows it to be stacked for increased magnification. Read More >>

An Amazingly Simple Way to Test If a Battery Is Dead

It turns out that when the alkaline in a battery wears down, it produces a gas that fills the inside. So if you've got a box of random batteries you want to test, and don't have access to a voltmeter or any other device, you can simply drop them vertically a short distance onto a hard surface. A charged battery will make a solid thump sound and often remain standing, while a dead battery makes a muffled sound, bounces repeatedly, and then topples over. Read More >>

A Fifteen-Year-Old Has Invented an Incredible New Kind of Torch

Are you ready to play everybody's not-so-favourite guilt game: what was I doing at that age? Ann Makosinski, a fifteen-year-old from Victoria, British Columbia, has created a simple LED flashlight powered by body heat. So instead of having to recharge it or swap in a fresh pair of AAs every so often, you literally just need to hold it in your hand for it to start glowing. Read More >>

The Periodic Table of Muppets Brings Order to Wocka Wocka

Not everybody's into chemistry but you have to be a special kind of insane to not have a fondness for the Muppets. This periodic table of Muppetry is a wonderfully organised and colourful take on the history of the form than anyone (with a soul) can appreciate, chem-geek or not. Read More >>

They've Invented a Twist-Off Wine Cork and Life Will Never Be the Same

The product of a collaboration beween the industrious lushes at cork manufacturer Amorim and those at bottle-making company O-I, the new threaded, resealable design (and matching threaded bottle neck) is aimed at the "popular premium" wine market, which includes bottles that retail for between £5-£10, roughly. And while four years of research may seem a tad excessive, much of that time was spent waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more, allowing them to see whether or not the new cork had any effect on taste, aroma, or colour. (Spoiler: it didn't.) Read More >>

This Low-Tech Office Furniture Doubles as a Gym

We lead such sedentary lives, parked all day at a desk. But what if your desk furniture could double as workout equipment? Meet No Sweat, an awesome three-piece set designed by Darryl Agawin, you instantly offset the negative affects of eight hours' worth of sitting on your arse. Read More >>

Someone Finally Made a Better Paper Coffee Cup

As simple as it is, you'd think it would be nigh impossible to improve on the paper coffee cup. After all, as long as it holds coffee without leaking, what's there to improve? Well, designers Hongseok Kim and Inhye Hwang found a way, by adding a tear-off stir stick to the paper handle. Read More >>

How to Open 24 Beer Bottles at Once

YouTuber stopstopitstoofunny has posted this video of the world's ultimate bottle opener in action. Neatly hinged so that that it requires one long push to flip off the caps, this thing guarantees a positive start to an evening — though the ending may get a little sketchy. Read More >>

Putting Together an Espresso Machine Is Music for Your Morning

Espresso machine manufacturer Sanremo UK turned assembling an espresson machine into music with the help of The Media Workshop. I'm a sucker for creating thumping music from ordinary objects. [Sanremo UK via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Why Did It Take So Long to Make a See-Through Highlighter Tip?

Not since Liquid Paper has there been an innovation in office supplies as awesome as this highlighter's see-through tip that makes it easier to see the text as you're... well... highlighting it. Read More >>

Ever Wished You Could Just Grab a Cup of Coffee With Apple's Tim Cook?

Well now you can, if you're minted that is. In probably the most genius move I've seen in a long time for generating cash for charities, some bright spark has come up the idea of auctioning off coffee time with Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and even Robert DeNiro. The only problem is Cook's already going for over £110,000. Read More >>

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Watch a Genius Two-Year-Old Use Nail Clippers to Pick a Lock and Steal His Sister's Toys

Here is the most adorable theft ever. A two-year-old toddler figured out how to use nail clippers to pick the lock on his eight-year-old sister's door so that he could steal a stuffed animal at night. His parents set up a baby camera to see the incredible "crime" go down. Read More >>


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