Can the NSA Really Send a Drone to Bomb Your Phone?

The world woke up Monday morning to yet more unsettling news about how the NSA is spying on people. This time, though, the repercussions are deadly. Read More >>

Knowing the Real Life Location of These Tweets Makes You Feel Dirty

Twitter is modern-day people-watching. Anytime you check it, you see what a person is thinking or doing or saying. But it's not all happening in a digital vacuum, they're on break at work tweeting about their boss; they're outside a hospital tweeting about their day; they're always somewhere tweeting about something. This photo project, Geolocations, by Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman show where people are when they send out tweets. It's completing the picture. Read More >>

Twitter Nukes a Neo-Nazi Account, But Only In Germany

This is the first time Twitter's used its new-found geolocation blocking powers. Requested by the German police, the neo-Nazi feed is only blocked to those browsing from Germany. Is this the start of region-locking and censorship on Twitter? [BBC] Read More >>


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